Davey MacDonald

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Davey MacDonald
"The Drunken Do-Gooder"
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Biography and appearance
LocationCapital Wasteland
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I use Chems and booze to stay tough. To hell with the addictions...just drink more!

Davey “Comet” MacDonald is a player character in Fallout 3.




Davey MacDonald appears as a Fallout 3 "Meet the Wanderers", a player character in the First Edition of the Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Collectors Edition.


  1. First Edition Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Collector's Edition p.491-492: "It's all a haze, but I remember when I was born, my father used to give me whiskey to stop me from cryin'. Don't judge him harshly; he'd lost his wife, and he taught me how to uphold a code of honor...but he always had a weakness for the sauce. That wasn't a problem back in the Vault, though. There wasn't that much alcohol around. But once I got out into the Wasteland... hoo-boy, that became a real problem for me. I thought beer was my path to salvation. I thought it made me swing mt Sledgehammer harder."
    "I had a simple plan: I'd drink all the beer I could find, and destroy the evil-doers with my hammer. But, geez man, I always took a beating in a fight. I hate guns. Plus, my aim is shaky. Perhaps I was too stubborn, but all that ammo searching? Not for me. I always came off second best, but I managed to pull through. Sometimes in a fight, my Strength would start to falter, but I was always ready with another beer. I was ready to be a hero again. Man, it took a while, but I managed to get more respect, and some better equipment."
    "Not guns, though. No way! I'd get told I was fighting at a disadvantage. Some guy called Junders reckoned I'd be better off just punching people in the face. But I didn't care I loved my trusty hammers. Did I mention that? I have short-term memory loss. Look, this is kinda embarrassing, but I'd started to go bald real early. So I found this great hat in a drainage channel up north, and I grew a beard; to show people I was still a man. I tried using this flaming sward thing—Shishkebab, right? But it wasn't like my old hammer."
    "I hit real hard, but everyone else always has the advantage in a fight. I don't care. Did I tell you about my hammer?"