Darren Spielman

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Mentioned-only character
Darren Spielman
Biography and appearance
AffiliationWest Tek
Mentioned inFallout 76

Bardwell's all over my ass about getting the decontamination arches up and running. How the hell am I supposed come up with a decontamination method for something that's totally experimental?

Darren Spielman was a West Tek technician employed at their Appalachian facility. His area of expertise was decontamination and Spielman was ordered to come up with a way to neutralize FEV. The catch? Headquarters refused to give him the chemical and organic breakdown of the virus, forcing the biochemist to just shoot in the dark. After three weeks of trying in May 2077, he was still at square one, trying over sixty compounds and even antibiotic compounds to render FEV inert, with no luck. When he finally combined the stuff with a booster of his own creation, he had the solution in hand, and promptly tried it out on Bardwell, his annoying supervisor. Together with Carl Wurth, they dumped a canister of FEV on him, letting him break down into tears and cry for a full minute before demonstrating the agent's effectiveness. Spielman cultured thousands of gallons of the agent to use as a failsafe on West Tek's orders. Although he considered it paranoia, he was proven wrong when the Great War hit. The surplus stock allowed him and Wurth to neutralize the FEV at the facility before abandoning it, saving Appalachia from FEV... For a time.[1]


Darren Spielman is mentioned only in Fallout 76.