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Fo4 Danse.png
Biography and appearance
RaceSynth, 3rd Gen
Hair StyleRebel (hair)
Lone wanderer (beard)
Hair ColorWarm black
Eye ColorLight brown
AffiliationBrotherhood of Steel
Head of recon squad Gladius
LocationCambridge Police Station
Dialogue FileDanse's dialogue
QuestsFire Support
Call to Arms
Semper Invicta
Shadow of Steel
Blind Betrayal
assistanceHelps Friends and Allies
SPECIALStrength: 5
Perception: 10
Endurance: 8
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 10
Luck: 7
Tag SkillsBoSSoldierClass
Editor RaceHumanRace
Editor IDBoSPaladinDanse
Base ID00027683Ref ID0005de4d
Editor FactionsCurrentCompanionFaction
ActorPeter Jessop
Special Head GearMaleEyesHumanLightBrown

I'm simply offering valuable tactical advice. You'd do well to listen.

Paladin Danse, Fallout 4

Paladin Danse (Brotherhood registration DN-407P, Synth designation M7-97) is a Brotherhood of Steel paladin and potential companion of the Sole Survivor, found at the Cambridge Police Station in 2287.


The Paladin in charge of recon squad Gladius, Danse is a level-headed, competent field commander who does not take foolish risks - though his caution and tactical thinking were outmatched by the savagery of the Commonwealth in recent weeks. After taking devastating losses, Danse's squad is hanging on by a thread. However, Danse remains dedicated to the Brotherhood's objectives. By the time the Survivor meets him, his priority is finding a way to contact command.

Brotherhood career

When asked about his past, Danse will explain that he was born in the Capital Wasteland and a childhood spent picking through the ruins and selling scrap, culminating in him settling in Rivet City and opening a junk stand.[1]

There, Danse met another trader named Cutler at the City.The two got along well, watched each other's backs and kept each other out of trouble. When the Brotherhood came through on a recruiting run, they both felt like it was the best chance for making something out of themselves, so they joined up, staying together as the closest of friends.[2] Danse was sponsored by Paladin Krieg, who kept riding him hard from the very beginning. A model soldier, zealous, loyal, and brave to a fault, he singled Danse out for one reason: he saw the spark of potential that signaled potential greatness.[3]

Although Paladin Krieg fell in battle in 2277, fighting for Adams Air Force Base, his ideals lived on in Danse, who pursued his career in the Brotherhood with unparalleled vigor.[4] Unfortunately, Cutler did not live to see Danse's success. In 2283, a year into their posting onto the newly-launched Prydwen, Cutler disappeared on a scouting mission. Danse tracked him down to a lair of super mutants, where he was half-way through a horrific mutation, exposed to FEV the mutants acquired from some unknown source. Danse did what he was trained to do - what Cutler wanted him to do.[5]

Danse redoubled his efforts, climbing the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel. However, while he met many good, honest, even heroic soldiers, he never risked opening himself up again. He simply did not want to go through the agony of losing a friend again.[6] Despite keeping others at arm's length, Danse eventually became one of the most trusted and capable field commanders in the Brotherhood. Due to his achievements, Elder Arthur Maxson assigned him as the head of recon squad Gladius, sent to the Commonwealth in late 2286 for a tech recovery operation, following in the footsteps of the lost recon squad Artemis. Nobody expected that it would become another turning point in the Brotherhood's history.[7]

Commonwealth mission

After months of travel, the squad crossed the borders of the Commonwealth in January 2287. Their first encounter with the locals resulted in Knight Keane's armor being totaled and losing supplies, but the raiders were repulsed with no loss of life.[8] They set up operations at the Cambridge Police Station around February, exploiting its excellent position and defensive capabilities.[9]

Their first major operation was targeted at the Corvega assembly plant near Lexington. A sweep and retrieve operation would be hampered by the large raider presence by Dawes, which led to Danse ordering a breach. The mission went south fast, as they were intercepted by raiders on approach, with Knight Worwick wounded by the initial attack. During the retreat to Lexington, Knight Brach stepped on a landmine and despite the valiant efforts of Scribe Haylen, he died of his wounds.[10] Two days later, Knight Worwick was euthanized on Danse's orders, as he was paralyzed and suffering from internal bleeding. Scribe Haylen obeyed the order without question.[11] Further operations were carried out more cautiously, though casualties mounted. In July, Knight-Sergeant Dawes was killed during a recon run of Fort Strong and the Boston Airport.[12] All of these incidents may have contributed to Danse's troubles sleeping and the possibility of developing post-traumatic stress disorder.[13]

Yet even with the casualties mounting, Gladius was about to happen upon its greatest find: unusual energy readings on an extreme high-band spectrum frequency, unlikely to be pre-War in origin. October was the turning point, as they attempted to triangulate the signal and track it down.[14] Their attempts to contact Scabbard with their findings were hampered by a super mutant rocket attack that damaged the high gain antenna at the Police Station. Something had to be done. Danse focused on recovering the long range signal transmitter from the nearby ArcJet Systems, so that they could inform the Brotherhood and brings its wrath down on the enemies of man in the Commonwealth.[15]


However, unbeknownst to Danse, the war for the Commonwealth is far more personal for him than other Brotherhood soldiers. Danse's memories of life as a child in the Capital Wasteland are actually fake, implants created for the purpose of letting him blend in with the people of Rivet City. Danse is actually a synth under the designation of M7-97, marked by the Institute as a runaway. His genetic code remains on record with the Institute, and if that information is acquired by the Brotherhood - say, if the Sole Survivor provides the Brotherhood with a network dump containing the synth genetic database - then both the Brotherhood and the good Paladin would suffer a crisis. Not only would a high ranking officer be revealed as a synth and a potential infiltrator, but the carefully cultivated persona of the ideal soldier that Danse spent a lifetime working on would suddenly crumble. It'd be enough to make Danse want to die to uphold the Brotherhood's ideals - but, perhaps, there would be a way to avert this?[16]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Perk nociception regulator.png
This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
This character is a permanent party member. They grant the Know Your Enemy perk.
This character starts quests.
Perk empathy synthesizer.png
This character is involved in quests.


  • Fire Support: Danse is first encountered by the player fighting a desperate defense against a throng of feral ghouls attacking the station.
  • Call to Arms: After thanking the player for their aid, Danse will ask for the player's help in infiltrating ArcJet Systems to recover a crucial part for their transmitter.
  • Semper Invicta: Once the deep range transmitter is recovered, Danse will offer the player a position in the Brotherhood and bestow the rank of Initiate, unlocking repeateable quests from Haylen and Rhys.
  • Shadow of Steel: Danse will escort the player to the Prydwen to meet Elder Arthur Maxson. After this quest, he becomes a permanent companion.
  • Blind Betrayal: As the Institute seeks to cripple the Brotherhood, Danse is revealed to be a synth - and Elder Maxson orders his execution. Struggling to reconcile his belief in the Brotherhood with his status as a synth, Danse flees into the wilds of the Commonwealth. The Elder asks the player to track the rogue Paladin down and execute him. The player can decide to let him live, without compromising their position in the Brotherhood, but condemning Danse to life as a fugitive.


Danse likes... Danse loves...
  • ...sparing his life during Blind Betrayal
  • ...doing anything negative toward super mutant characters
  • ...affirming loyalty to the Brotherhood any time in dialogue
  • ...crafting weapons and armor mods (including power armor)
  • ...convincing Paladin Brandis to stay with the Brotherhood at the conclusion of The Lost Patrol
  • ...convincing Madison Li to work on Liberty Prime, as well as convincing her with the "saving the Commonwealth" dialogue option.
  • Giving the Network Scanner Holotape to Proctor Ingram after infiltrating The Institute.
Danse dislikes...
  • ...bribery
  • ...stealing owned items
  • ...picking owned locks
  • ...negotiating for more caps for quests
  • ...friendly conversation with ghouls
  • ...use of chems
  • ...cannibalism
  • ...building artillery positions for the Commonwealth Minutemen at The Castle
  • chems to Mama Murphy
  • ...digging up Shem Drowne
Danse hates...

Other interactions

  • Danse starts the Brotherhood questline, through the Fire Support and Call to Arms quests. After that, he bestows the rank of Initiate upon the Survivor, unlocking further quests, like Lost Patrol. He is also a companion character.
  • Gaining influence with Danse is fairly easy. He will react very positively to the player crafting high level modifications for their weapons and his affinity will improve every time the player steps into a higher level suit of power armor. He also likes it when the player follows orders, especially those given by Elder Maxson.
  • Blind Betrayal must be completed before gaining maximum influence and the Know Your Enemy companion perk.
  • Losing influence can be difficult to achieve, but every drop will be severe, such as when the player displays a lack of professionalism or murders innocents without cause.


Danse's location comments
Location/Requirement Comment
Diamond City, entrance "It's a shame these people have to live in fear, sheltering in this old stadium when all those perfectly good buildings are still standing outside."
Goodneighbor, entrance "Safeties off. I don't like the look of this place one bit."
Combat Zone, exterior "This place is barbaric. Is this really how far society has fallen?"
Boston Airport, before the barricades "Having the Prydwen moored above the airport keeps the Brotherhood within striking distance of the city."
Cabot House, exterior by the shrubbery "Interesting. A structure in this condition might contain pristine pre-war artifacts. We should search it carefully."
Parsons State Insane Asylum, entrance foyer on the rug just past the front door; during the quest The Secret of Cabot House. "All signs point to this location being extremely dangerous. We should proceed with caution."
Jamaica Plain, northwest road entrance, by the diner "If there's really buried treasure in Jamaica Plain, I hope it's something that the Brotherhood would find useful."
Vault 81, entrance walkway Vault-Tec built places like this to conduct unethical experiments on human beings. Just thinking about it makes me sick.
[[]] "A submarine would be a valuable addition to the Brotherhood's arsenal. Perhaps we'll learn something useful about them while we're here."
[[]] "This flotilla of junk looks suitable for the scum that calls it home."
[[]] "It's going to take years to get the stench of Super Mutant out of here after we've exterminated them."
[[]] "Looks like a bomb storage and disposal facility. Watch what you shoot at in here."
[[]] "If the Minutemen had been more organized, they wouldn't have had to abandon this fortification."
[[]] "The Minutemen remind me of the Brotherhood when Elder Lyons was in charge... unfocused and far too charitable for their own good."
Covenant, gate exterior Looks suspiciously like a prison camp. We should proceed with caution.
Bunker Hill, base of stairs to the monument - before the gate "The putrid stink of dishonesty hangs heavy in the air here... or maybe it's just the brahmin."
Cave (Super Duper Mart), after entering the parking garage "Remain vigilant. This feels like an ambush."
[[]] "I can't wait to pay the Institute a visit."
Sentinel site Prescott, bomb storage room entrance "Mark 28 Nuclear Bombs... Liberty Prime's weapon of choice."
Sentinel site Prescott, gantry just inside the main entrance "It appears that this facility is more than just bomb disposal. It's been converted into a launching silo as well."
Sentinel site Prescott, exterior entrance "I believe that this is a bomb disposal facility."
[[]] "Select your targets carefully down here. These automobiles tend to explode when struck by weapon's fire."
Ticonderoga, penthouse foyer "I just wanted you to know that you're the only reason I haven't opened fire and burned this place to the ground."
Old North Church, catacombs "These crypts would make an excellent place to seek shelter during a bombardment."
Old North Church, nave "For a location that holds historical significance, it's severly lacking in technology."
[[]] "Be careful near the edge, the Brotherhood doesn't want to lose you, soldier."
[[]] "Let's hope that the structural engineers who created this building designed it to last."
Hubris Comics, shop floor "I don't understand the logic in reading these illustrated manuscripts. The plots are ludicrous."
Hubris Comics, top floor studio "An ancient television studio. This equipment could prove useful to the Brotherhood."
[[]] "I'm amazed you were able to get the engine to activate. Now all we have to do is hope that it remains stable."
[[]] "I'm astounded that this vessel's nuclear power plant is still viable."
Yangtze-31, bridge "I'm only going to say this once. Don't touch anything. You turn the wrong valve, you could flood the entire vessel."
Starlight Drive-In, in the projection room "Area looks clear. Perhaps we should stop here and rest for a bit."
Starlight Drive-In, at the screen "I've never been fortunate enough to watch a moving picture show before."
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ, Arlen Glass' office "Amazing. This room appears to be totally untouched by the ravages of war."
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ, foyer display "That mechanical animal lacks sufficient capability to serve as a proper traveling mount. What's the point?"
Wildwood Cemetery "If you think this is grim, imagine how many people didn't have the luxury of a proper burial after the bombs hit."
[[]] "I hope this sewage doesn't wreak havoc with the servos on my Power Armor."
West Everett Estates, backyard bunker "This is an excellent fallback point if things get too hot."
[[]] "Our new mission priority should be cleansing this town of its Super Mutant infestation."
Walden Pond, just in front of said cabin. "Hm, I remember this author. Wrote something about going into the woods to discover how he lived or something?"
Milton General Hospital, basement morgue "Be very careful. It's likely that this entire area is biologically contaminated."
Milton General Hospital, waiting foyer "Facilities like this were funded by privately owned corporations more interested in making a profit then helping mankind."
Vault 95, Overseer's office "I'm not certain, but this could have been a military briefing area."
[[]] "This reactor appears to be defunct. We should be safe."
Museum of Witchcraft "Stay close!"
Museum of Witchcraft "Those footfalls are too heavy to be human. Be ready for anything."
Vault 75, combat training room "It's a training yard. Was Vault-Tec training their own private army?"
Vault 75, entrance "I hope the schoolchildren that occupied this building weren't forced to live out the rest of their days in this vault."
Vault 114, entrance construction "Looks like Vault-Tec ran out of time on this one."
Vault 111, cryonic stasis room "Take as long as you need, soldier."
Vault 114, exterior tunnel construction "I bet a month's pay that we'll find an illicit experiment gone awry inside this vault."
Trinity Church, theatrical rigging "Why would a place of worship fabricate these strange colorful facades? I wonder what were they trying to hide."
Trinity Church, nursery "These unfortunate infants never even had a chance."
Thicket Excavations, near the waters edge; before the conclusion of the quest Pull the Plug. "Watch your step. It's impossible to get an accurate sounding without the proper equipment."
[[]] "The information contained within this robot's memory banks is vital to the survival of lushes and drunks across the Commonwealth."
Gwinnett Brewery, brewing floor "I would advise against trying any "samples" unless you want to end up puking your guts out."
[[]] "According to Brotherhood records, Gwinnett Brewery was named after Button Gwinnett, one of the first to sign the Declaration of Independence."
[[]] "Ridiculous. These aren't animals, these are human beings."
Combat Zone, front row "This is positively barbaric. Has mankind truly fallen this far?"
[[]] "I wonder how long it will take before the quarry becomes inhabited again."
[[]] "Your people have done an impressive job restoring this fortress to its former glory."
[[]] "Keep it tight and check your corners... this is the perfect place for an ambush."
[[]] "These mirelurks obviously have no respect for the historical significance of this location."
[[]] "These filthy insects will eat anything."
Boston Common, just in front of the infantry fighting vehicle "Every map of this area we've recovered has the Common marked with a big red "X." I guess we'll find out why."
South Boston military checkpoint "Well, that sounds familiar. The Brotherhood uses similar recall messages in times of war."
Skylanes Flight 1981 "This plane is amazingly intact. The pilot must have executed an impressive landing."
[[]] "This scrap would be useful for repairing Power Armor. I'll have to make a note of this location."
[[]] "These Raiders have become annoyingly resourceful. We'll have to put a stop to that."
[[]] "Damn it... these Raiders are using Power Armor. Aim for the fusion core!"
Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, captain's room "These robots are completely ignoring the fact that their charges have passed away. They must have a fault in their programming."
[[]] "Rangers patrolled the woods seeking retribution for crimes against the environment. Not so different from the Brotherhood."
Robotics disposal ground, in front of the sentry bot "That's a military-grade robot ahead. We should approach with extreme caution."
[[]] "It's impressive that this oversized wooden walkway is still intact."
Revere Beach Station, end tunnel raider encampment "If you intend to head through that tunnel, we'll have to take down those Raiders first."
"Unless I'm mistaken, it appears that these people killed each other."
"Rest well, little one."
Quincy ruins, Freeway stronghold bridge to roof catwalks "We have to be careful. One solid hit in the right place could bring this whole overpass crashing down."
Boston Police rationing site, in front of the trailer kiosk "The government set up these food rationing sites in preparation for a long war. I don't think they expected things to end up this way."
[[]] "I've never seen a turbine this large before. I wonder if it's still operational."
Poseidon Energy, generator room - the part past the raider defenses. "Poseidon Energy was one of the largest power companies on the East Coast. I heard they were trying to buy out Mass Fusion right before the war began."
[[]] "I'm not certain we should be playing with these controls. We don't know what they do."
[[]] "*Coughing* A chemical weapon's been deployed. We need to get out of here."
Pickman's Gallery "The artist of these portraits was apparently suffering from some serious mental anguish."
[[]] "I wouldn't advise staying here any longer than necessary. The campsite's obviously been compromised."
Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates, entrance "You mean to tell me that people used to live in these tiny vehicles? I didn't realize the overcrowding was that severe."
Neponset Park, "We might want to skip searching these cabins. The entire area's been compromised by mirelurks."
Natick power station "Had they gotten it operational, Mass Fusion's experimental reactor would have made places like this obsolete."
[[]] "If the shoreline continues eroding, there won't be much left of the Commonwealth to liberate."
Nahant Oceanological Society, second floor "It appears as though this automated tour guide is unaware of current events."
Nahant Oceanological Society, research laboratory "It appears someone went on a bit of a rampage."
[[]] "As if there isn't enough suffering in the world already."
Gorski Cabin, root cellar workshop "Unbelievable. Hasn't man done enough damage with these nukes already?"
[[]] "This is actually nicer than some medical facilities I've seen on the battlefield."
[[]] "I'd be surprised if we find anything of value in this vault. Pre-war currency isn't really useful anymore."
University Point, just inside the gate "Now maybe you'll believe me when I tell you that the Institute cares very little about the Commonwealth."
[[]] "Damn sniper. Coward couldn't even face us on the field of battle."
[[]] "This is disgusting. I can't believe Mass Fusion dumped these barrels here."
Mass Fusion disposal site "This is the perfect example of how environmentally irresponsible the ancient corporations behaved."
[[]] "By the time the Great War started, Mass Fusion supplied power for almost the entire Commonwealth."
[[]] "Watch for ambushes and check your fire."
Mahkra Fishpacking, basement store room "I've never been fishing before. I wonder if it's even possible these days."
[[]] "Does he really think this is going to stop us?"
[[]] "When you're doing deep recon, you get used to eating whatever you can find. On the other hand... I think I'd rather starve than eat this stuff."
Vault 81, observation room "This is exactly the reason that science never belonged in the private sector."
[[]] "I'm going to guess that the residents of this vault didn't even know this section existed."
[[]] "Let's see if we can get these rats to leave the sinking ship."
Libertalia, at the top of the main structure "So much for Libertalia."
[[]] "I recommend against entering that lake. The radiation levels are dangerously high."
Kingsport Lighthouse, at the top beacon "The only thing those glowing one's are useful for is decorating the pavement when I gun them down."
WRVR broadcast station, control room "Ah yes, the home of the famed "Charles River Trio." What? You're not the only one with a radio, you know."
Jamaica Plain, treasure room "Pre-war artifacts are more valuable than treasure. They give us glimpses at moments in time that will never repeat."
Jamaica Plain, security room "I'd definitely say that we're on the right track. Proceed with extreme caution."
Jalbert Brothers Disposal, at the barn with the barrels "The Children of Atom are strangely resistant to radiation. The Brotherhood's spent years trying to learn why. So far, no luck."
Super-Duper Mart, front counters "This building's structural integrity has been compromised. I'd advise against the use of high explosives."
Irish Pride Industries shipyard, at the corpse of Rory Rigwell "This civilian's efforts to befriend these mirelurks was misguided... and fatal."
[[]] "The thought of what must have transpired here sickens me."
Cambridge crater, edge "Let's make sure that every single one of these ferals is eradicated."
[[]] "This would be an excellent spot to establish a listening post. I'll have to make a note of that."
[[]] "Another location to mark for the Brotherhood scribes."
Hub City Auto Wreckers, while on the crane "Impressive. I wonder if the Gunners made this themselves or murdered the original builders."
Hester's Consumer Robotics, entrance: showroom floor "Feast your eyes on the height of man's decadence. How could mankind have allowed itself to become so lazy?"
[[]] "Goddamn ferals chewed through these Raiders like they were ragdolls."
Collage Square, the square "Damn ferals are coming out of every crack in the ground... an infestation that needs to be exterminated."
[[]] "I'm surprised this place hasn't been stripped clean."
[[]] "Safeties off, we're about to have company."
Fort Hagen, command center – outside the gated main room, next to the door "The equipment down here seems to be fairly intact. I wonder if any of it still operational."
Greater Mass Blood Clinic, basement storage "If this blood's still viable, it would be quite useful to the Brotherhood."
[[]] "Repurposing this recreational facility as a hydroponics experiment was very resourceful."
Not available due to bugsRadroach.png Atom Cats' garage, unable to determine due to bugged content. Not available due to bugsRadroach.png "Now that's a perfectly good waste of Power Armor."
Gunners Plaza, cafeteria – before the staircase "Watch your footing, there are pieces of glass everywhere."
Gunners Plaza, main entrance of the atrium writer's room "The Brotherhood finds the press to be... a necessary evil. In times of war, propaganda is just as important as bullets."
When walking on a mirelurk infested beach, between Reeb Marina and Gibson Point Pier. "It would be smarter to avoid confrontations with these creatures."
General Atomics factory, quality assurance test chamber "When these things learn how to program each other, that's where the trouble begins."
Back Alley Bowling, at the lanes "I wish we had a recreational facility like this back at our headquarters."
General Atomics galleria, at the gate "General Atomics is certainly pleased with themselves for designing the Mister Handy."
[[]] "This should help. Don't leave anything behind."
Fort Strong, sublevel in the room before the main mini nuke storage room. "Can you imagine these weapons in the hands of those Super Mutants?"
West Roxbury station, platform "Getting one of these antiques to run is quite an impressive feat of engineering."
[[]] "Amazing how the devastation from the war managed to change the water level in this town."
Federal surveillance center K-21B, gantry overlook "I've heard of these places. Civilian on the outside... military on the inside."
Faneuil Hall, the hall "All right.. even for me, that's pretty disgusting."
Concord civic access, main pipe room "I believe we're passing under the center of Concord."
[[]] "Catching a Deathclaw sleeping gives us a distinct tactical advantage."
Fairline Hill Estates, at the fortified house "Let's check out that house, but don't let your guard down. It's fortified for a reason."
Fairline Hill Estates, at the entrance to the cul-de-sac "Keep your safeties off."
[[]] "Walk with caution. This area looks structurally unsound."
[[]] "Appalling. Look at all these perfectly useful machines being wasted for the sake of sport."
Easy City Downs, northern corner fence hole to the racetrack, next to the stands "This is an astonishing waste of technology."
East Boston Preparatory School, third floor torture chamber "This is horrible, just horrible. I can't even imagine..."
[[]] "Remain vigilant... something isn't right here."
[[]] "I wonder what type of material this mining operation was attempting to recover."
[[]] "I have my doubts that the patients appreciated the presence of this garden."
[[]] "This equipment was undoubtedly used for some nefarious purpose."
[[]] "The patients of this facility must have been treated horribly."
[[]] "It appears that these ships were washed together after the bombs fell."
USS Constitution, after quest the completion of the quest Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution "Someone needs to teach that vessel's navigator a few lessons."
Weatherby Savings and Loan, before the completion of the quest Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution "That's the U.S.S. Constitution. What it's doing up on a building is a mystery."
D.B. Technical High School, basement – after killing Bosco or at the throne "Be careful, he could be concealing an... on second thought, he's probably just out of his mind."
[[]] "This appears to drop into the subway station. Good spot for an ambush."
Croup Manor, basement "Damn feral scum!"
Crater House, edge of crater "Careful, that settlement could be sitting within a zone of potentially lethal radiation."
[[]] "Those Raiders appear to be blocking our progress. Let's clear the roadblock."
Corvega assembly plant, entrance of the assembly line room "Corvega vehicles have small fusion engines under the hood, so watch where you shoot."
Not available due to bugsRadroach.png Coast Guard Pier, either at the corner of the pier by the tower, or the center of the building. The super mutants were supposed to be wearing Coast Guard hats. Not available due to bugsRadroach.png "As if regular Super Mutants weren't bad enough, now we have to find something like this."
[[]] "It appears the vessel's navigator made a grievous miscalculation."
Chestnut Hillock Reservoir "Be on your guard, there may be something using that rowboat for cover."
[[]] "Super Mutant excrement... the pungent stench is unmistakable."
Shaw High School, cafeteria "This doesn't bode well for what we're going to find in the rest of the school."
Charles View Amphitheater "Listening to a performance here would have been extraordinary."
[[]] "We should search this laboratory from top to bottom for useful technical documentation."
Cabot House, laboratory "Nothing good can come of this place."
Cabot House, living room "Amazing. It's as if time itself has avoided this place."
Bunker Hill, base of the monument "A battle memorial to the fallen. We should observe a moment of silence."
Breakheart Banks, at the building "Damn Super Mutants. They should be exterminated for their crimes against humanity."
Boston Public Library, hall where defenses are "This library would be quite beneficial to our scribes. I'll have to make a note of it's location."
Boston Public Library, main entrance "The lion was such a noble and majestic creature. It's a shame they're extinct."
Boston mayoral shelter, at the basketball court "Why would politicians need a sporting arena? It makes no sense."
[[]] "I wonder what type of genetic experimentation was going on in this facility?"
[[]] "May as well search the remains and look for anything of use."
Beantown Brewery, bottling room floor "I haven't had a good beer in quite a long time."
Fallon's Department Store (West Roxbury township), by the fountain "This fountain is just another example of the waste and excess of pre-war America."
Fallon's Department Store (West Roxbury township), by the escalators "I believe this automated staircase was used to convey individuals from one floor to the next. The epitome of laziness."
Joe's Spuckies (Southie speakeasy), speakeasy stairway "There appears to be an illicit drinking establishment concealed down here."
The Switchboard, the foyer of the agency "I don't recall the Brotherhood having any records on this agency. We should investigate further."
BADTFL regional office, evidence lockup "Well, this is an unexpected surprise. We should take whatever we can carry."


Icon armored vault suit.png
T-60 power armor
Brotherhood of Steel hood
Assault carbine icon.png
Laser rifle
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death
Icon armored vault suit.png
X-01 power armor
Assault carbine icon.png
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death

Behind the scenes

  • There are leftover voice files in the archives that suggest the player was once able to become the Elder of the Eastern Division, following Blind Betrayal. This was scrapped very early on, as no trace of these files exist in Danse's dialogue.

Paladin Danse: If you're referring to Maxson, you're right. He's still going to be a problem. But I might have a way out.

Paladin Danse: I hope that's enough to convince you to take your place as Elder of the Brotherhood.

Paladin Danse: The Litany is clear. We have a new Elder.

Paladin Danse: Just prepare yourself. I don’t know what Maxson will have in store when we arrive.

Paladin Danse: When Haylen warned me about Quinlan’s discovery, she begged me to confront Maxson. She told me that there were Brotherhood soldiers that still believed in me, that would stand behind me if I challenged his authority. At the time, I told her that it wouldn’t be right to cause a rift in our ranks. We’re on the brink of war with the Institute, and weakening our unity felt like I’d be… Backstabbing my own troops. But knowing that you’re still with me… Maybe that will be enough to convince Maxson that he’s making a mistake. I’ll come back to the Prydwen with you, and we’ll confront Maxson together.

Paladin Danse: As a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, I’m issuing a formal challenge against your authority as Elder. We’ll settle this matter as it was written in the Litany: In combat. Then you leave me no choice.

Paladin Danse: Right now, I’m not sure we can even get near Maxson before the Brotherhood would cut us down. But we have to try. I’ve known Maxson for a long time, and under all that protocol is a decent man.


Paladin Danse appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. The Sole Survivor: "Rivet City? Must be post-war, because I've never heard of it."
    Danse: "You're right. It was a settlement built inside the remains of a beached aircraft carrier. One of the safest places to live in the Capital Wasteland until the Brotherhood arrived. It was the perfect location for me to try my hand at being a merchant."
    (Danse's dialogue)
  2. Danse: "Would it be possible to speak... off the record for a moment?"
    The Sole Survivor: ""Off the record?" That's not like you, Danse."
    Danse: "Which is why this is going to be difficult to say, so I'd appreciate it if you bear with me. When you were first placed under my sponsorship, I had some serious reservations about it. Despite all that, this has turned out to be a rewarding experience... for both of us. At this point, honestly, I don't feel like there's anything else I could teach you about being a Brotherhood soldier that you don't already know. It's apparent from your attitude and your actions that you intend to keep those ideals close to your heart."
    The Sole Survivor: "You're beating around the bush. Is there something you're trying to tell me?"
    Danse: "Is it that obvious? I've... never been very good at these things. Let me start at the beginning. I grew up alone in the Capital Wasteland. Spent most of my childhood picking through the ruins and selling scrap. When I was a bit older, and had a few caps to my name, I moved into Rivet City and opened a junk stand. While I was there, I met a guy named Cutler. We got along pretty well, watched each other's backs and kept each other out of trouble. When the Brotherhood came through on a recruiting run, we felt like it was the best way out of our nowhere lives, so we joined up."
    (Danse's dialogue)
  3. The Sole Survivor: "Does it have anything to do with the Brotherhood?"
    Danse: "I wouldn't necessarily say that. This isn't a formal meeting. I... simply want to clear the air. I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot when we first met and I feel like I owe you an apology. Expecting you to embrace the standards of the Brotherhood without having a history with us was unfair. And given that you've adjusted so well to our beliefs, I don't think I needed to push so hard."
    The Sole Survivor: "So there is a human being under all of that power armor after all."
    Danse: "Sometimes I need a reminder, but yes... there is. When I was an Initiate, my sponsor was Paladin Krieg. Toughest squad leader I ever served with. He was a model soldier, embodying the values every trainee was striving to achieve. Fiercely loyal, secure in his beliefs and brave to a fault. From the moment I was assigned to his squad I was singled out... it felt like he was pushing me harder than the rest of the team. I fought by his side for years and we had some seriously close calls, but he never explained to me why I was treated that way."
    The Sole Survivor: "It sounds like he was trying to motivate you."
    Danse: "If he was, I never got a chance to ask. After I was promoted to Paladin and I had moved on to my own squad, I received word that Krieg was killed at Adams Air Force Base. The news was like being kicked in the stomach. I mean, I'd lost some of my brothers and sisters before, but his death... well, it really got to me. It's taken me a long time to realize it, but the reason Krieg was so tough on me is the same reason I'm so tough on you. It's because I believe in you and I don't want to see any of your potential go to waste."
    The Sole Survivor: "Well, it took you long enough to notice."
    Danse: "What can I say? Maybe I'm becoming more like Krieg than I realized. Well, I've said what I had to say and I hope that it meant something to you. I... trust you'll keep this in confidence of course. Some of that information was of a personal nature, and well, I'd like to keep it that way."
    (Danse's dialogue)
  4. The Sole Survivor: "What happened at Adams Air Force Base?"
    Danse: "Back in the Capital Wasteland, The Brotherhood was at war with a traitorous group of rebels who called themselves "The Enclave." They maintained a mobile command post at the remains of Adams Air Force Base, just outside of Washington D.C. The Brotherhood spearheaded an assault on the command post which was ultimately successful but costly. Quite a few soldiers died in that battle, and Paladin Krieg was among them. He made his mark on history, and whether you chose to believe it or not, you have the potential to do the same."
    (Danse's dialogue)
  5. The Sole Survivor: "I'm glad you had greater ambitions than just selling junk."
    Danse: "Once I saw what the Brotherhood had to offer, there was no comparison. Anyway, about a year after we were posted to the Prydwen, Cutler vanished on a scouting op. It took some convincing, but I was able to persuade my CO to let me assemble a squad and search for him. It took almost three weeks, but we tracked his team down to a Super Mutant hive. Those wretched abominations had slaughtered everyone but Cutler. He should have been so lucky. The mutant bastards used their FEV to change him into one of their own kind. He wasn't Cutler anymore. I had to... it was my duty to... put him down."
    The Sole Survivor: "Are you sure there wasn't anything you could do to change him back?"
    Danse: "The FEV effect is irreversible. There was nothing anyone could do."
    (Danse's dialogue)
  6. The Sole Survivor: "You did the right thing."
    Danse: "It's what I was taught. I don't know if it was right. Ever since Cutler died, I've seen other soldiers come and go. Some were brave, some were honest... hell, some were even downright heroic. But I'd never consider any of them to be a good friend, a friend like Cutler was... until now. It's a good feeling, but it frightens me all the same. Having a bond with someone then losing them... it changes you. I don't want to go through that again."
    (Danse's dialogue)
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