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Mentioned-only character
Biography and appearance
AffiliationDalton family
FamilyCassie Dalton (wife)
George Dalton (grandfather)
Peter Dalton (cousin)
Mentioned inFar Harbor

Daniel Dalton was Cassie Dalton's husband, and one of the best fishermen on the island. Problem is, since he was a Dalton, he was cursed. The reckoning came when a crew of trappers occupied Brooke's Head Lighthouse, Daniel's favorite fishing spot and their leader sniped Daniel between the eyes. For practice.[1]


Daniel Dalton is mentioned only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.


  1. The Sole Survivor: "Believe me, I know exactly how you feel."
    Cassie Dalton: "If that's true, then I'm sorry to hear it. Perhaps we'll confront our pain together. My late husband Daniel was the best fisherman this island ever saw. He and his crew had a favorite fishing spot out by Brooke's Head Lighthouse. One day, a day I'll never forget, I see Danny's boat pulling up with his crewmen all shouting and carrying on. Turns out some Trappers moved into the lighthouse, no doubt because the island told them to. They're all crazier than a bag of Molerats. Their leader was having a little target practice. Shot Danny right between the eyes. Killed him just like that. You go get that son of a bitch. You make him pay for doing the island's bidding!"
    (Cassie Dalton's dialogue)