Daily: Ecological Balance

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Daily: Ecological Balance
Quest data
LocationTygart Water Treatment
  • 200 experience points
  • 40 caps
  • Random assorted items
  • 3 counts of antiseptic
  • 15% chance for a legendary item

Daily: Ecological Balance is a daily quest in Fallout 76.


A responder named Amy Kerry was monitoring the environment for changes brought on by the Scorched. To continue her work, the Vault 76 dwellers can retrieve holotapes from environmental sensors and then uploaded the data to her terminal, which contains a program to analyze the data.


  • The quest is available from a locked trailer near the Tygart Water Treatment plant. To activate it, follow the "investigate the trailer" miscellaneous objective, then take the holotape on the floor by the terminal and use the terminal itself. The Date Night? message under the respective tab will mark Kerry's last known location at Cow Spots Creamery.
  • Head over there and collect Amy's Note from the late Ms Kerry to learn about her automated Environmental Monitoring Program. The payer then has to return to Tygart and use her terminal again, establish a portable device link, and collect data on the local water, soil, and air quality. The location of the holotapes is random each time.
  • After collecting all three, players simply have to return to Kerry's terminal, upload the data, and hit Begin Data Processing to complete the quest.