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DCTA tunnel 014-B Potomac
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Connects toArlington utility
Foggy Bottom station
World Map ExitsGeorgetown West
Cell NameMetroCenter05
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Metro DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac.jpg

The DCTA tunnel 014-B Potomac is a part of the DCTA Metro system.


This metro system consists of a higher northeastern area with metro tracks and several stranded metros. There is a lower southwestern area with small passage ways which continue to run on underwater.

Coming from Arlington utility the sewer leads directly through the large door to a utility room, marked with raider graffiti generator and "Deserted Sandbags" sandbag defenses. the first rail tunnel encountered is part of the white line and runs east to Foggy Bottom and west to Arlington station although the tunnel itself is collapsed, west side by rubble and east side on a metro train. Through the utility track way, there is a makeshift barrier wall and sandbag defenses with more raider graffiti. Again part of the white line the west bound to Arlington station is blocked by rubble on another metro train. Going east there are several derailed metro trains, and on the southern wall is the entrance to a separate utility way, flooded and infested with Mirelurks. The only other features of this way is the large mechanical object in the first room and the stair-hallway that leads to walls with vents.

Continue going east and the tracks split, directly east is a short length of track ending at a Buffer stop. on the north wall through the door and up the stairway leads to the C & O Canal Georgetown utility entrance.

Taking the southern fork leads to the eastbound rail to Foggy Bottom station, the tunnel however is collapsed after the elevation increase on top of a metro train. On the eastern wall is the door to a utility way, partially flooded and infested with Mirelurks. this way splits, the southern way leading to a flooded sewer and more Mirelurks. At the end of the sewer is a flooded storage and control room "Waterlogged Treatment Room with Stimpaks and Egg Clutches", the eastern way leading to Foggy Bottom. Taking the east way there is another fork; a southern stairway to a flooded large mechanical room and the east, taking this route leads to the utility door to Foggy Bottom crossing the bridge over the mechanical room.

Notable loot


DCTA tunnel 014-B Potomac appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png The water near the mirelurk eggs of the Georgetown West exit sometimes glows a highly fluorescent toxic green color.
  • Although normal at first pass, entering via Arlington utility, exiting to Georgetown and immediately returning results in the almost white glow throughout the area. So it may be re-entering from bright daylight that causes the glitch. Due to loading, light settings may lag behind the scene by half a second.