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Curtain Call
Fo4 Trinity Tower.png
Quest data
LocationTrinity Tower
Back bay
WRVR broadcast station
Given ByHearing the Trinity Tower super mutant broadcast through the Pip-Boy.
RewardReginald's suit (if male)
Agatha's dress (if female)
Strong as a permanent companion
Editor IDMS10b
Base ID00146c84

Curtain Call is a quest that can be obtained within the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4..


As the Sole Survivor continues their trek across the Boston ruins, they will stumble across Trinity Tower, which has been taken over by a particularly blood thirsty group of super mutants.


  1. Traveling near Trinity Tower, a broadcast will be picked up by the residing super mutants, which will begin the quest to clear them out and see what they are up to within the city ruins.
  2. Once the entrance has been cleared of super mutants and their mutant hound companions, a voice on the intercom system will begin to taunt the Sole Survivor, challenging them to fight against the stronger super mutants inside, claiming that the entrance guards were just as weak as a human.
  3. After fighting to the tower's elevator and then taking it up, the Sole Survivor will eventually reach the skyscraper's roof, where they will encounter another wave of super mutant guards, and their leader, Fist, who must be taken down without hesitation.
  4. After dealing with Fist and his guards, a makeshift prison must be found, where a super mutant by the name of Strong is being held, as well as a popular broadcaster known as Rex Goodman. Freeing the two, the party will then need to head to a nearby window-washer lift, where they will slowly progress back down the towers, fighting off waves of super mutants that are re-populating the lower levels.
  5. Once the party has finally reached the bottom, Goodman will reward the Sole Survivor and return to his rightful place at the WRVR broadcast station. Strong will compliment the Sole Survivor on their strength, which will open him up as a permanent companion option.

Quest stages

15 (optional) Get the key
100 Investigate the radio broadcastI heard a radio broadcast by a man named Rex. He was begging to be rescued from super mutants who have taken him captive in Trinity Tower.
150 Free Rex
200 Unlock cageI've rescued Rex from the super mutants holding him captive on the top of Trinity Tower. More are coming to kill us, and the only way down is on the outside of the tower.
320 Follow Strong
410 Get Rex to Safety
950Quest failed(Rex dies)
1000 Talk to Rex GoodmanI've rescued Rex from the super mutants holding him captive on the top of Trinity Tower.
1100Quest finished
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