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For the cult leader in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel, see Curie III.
Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer
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Both platforms
Biography and appearance
RaceRobot, Mister Orderly
Synth, 3rd Gen
GenderFemale programming
AffiliationVault 81
LocationVault 81
Dialogue FileCurie's dialogue
QuestsEmergent Behavior
Hole in the Wall
aggressionUnaggressive (robot)
Aggressive (synth)
confidenceAverage (robot)
Brave (synth)
assistanceHelps allies
Tag SkillsCitizen
LevelScales with player
Editor RaceHandyRace (robot)
HumanRace (synth)
Editor IDCompanionCurie
Base ID001846cb (robot)
001647c6 (synth)
Ref ID00000000 (robot)
00000000 (synth)
Editor FactionsCurrentCompanionFaction
ActorSophie Cortina

Perhaps we should organize a conference of fellow physicians. So we can share our theories.

Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer, or Curie (stylized as Cvrie),[1] is a "Mrs." Orderly in Vault 81 appearing in Fallout 4.


The state of the art Curie was designed to be the guardian of Vault 81, responsible for preserving the knowledge amassed by the Vault 81 scientists, as well as ensuring that every single one is aware of the significance of the mission undertaken within the halls of the Vault.[2] However, the current Curie is most definitely not the same robot as when she was deployed to the Vault. Due to the Overseer's sabotage, none of the science staff received a notification about the drill that would have allowed them to enter Vault 81 in time to carry out the experiment.[3] However, three researchers showed up: Kenneth Collins and Jim Flint reached the Vault from the Fens with the general population, while the overachiever M. Burrow was already on site. They reported to the research area and were sealed inside. This meant that the danger to the residential population still existed.[4]

Although there were only three of them, ensuring that the generations-long research plan would die out, they had state of the art equipment, centuries' worth of supplies, and the Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer, meaning that with even their limited manpower, they could still be a threat to the residential population.[5] To compensate, Collins upgraded and modified Curie, from a customized Mr Handy, into a fully fledged lab assistant.[6] He provided her with a custom personality, loading the databanks with every great body of work he had (Kant, Einstein, Born, Darwin, Curie, Faraday, Turing, Braun) to make her more life-like, more... Human. And so, CVRIE became Curie.[7] With her help, the work picked up the pace and quite soon, the Phase I trials began. When notified of it, Olivette was mortified and played for time,[8] while maintaining an aura of camaraderie, taking care to not reveal his intentions. While the mood among the three researchers remained stable thanks to Collins and Curie, they still had access to the nozzles and could release the pathogens for a Stage III trial - or worse. When a minor mishap with the mole rat population was resolved and stage II was progressing rapidly, Olivette made the decision.[9]

The Overseer personally sabotaged the delivery nozzles inside every residential quarter and room on their side of the Vault. Then, when the researchers began to notice (Burrow, specifically), they disconnected the only terminal that could communicate with the science team and dumped it in the reactor chamber, near the sealed backup entrance into the science section.[10] Sealed in the research wing, the scientists grimly continued their work, never to see the light of day again. Curie would become their inheritor,[11] watching as they fell one-by-one. Flint was killed when a mole rat named Clyde escaped his cage.[12] Then Collins and finally Burrow, both dying of old age. She interred them and continued the work.[13]

Finally, in 2204, Curie finally finished the broad-spectrum cure that would be capable of curing every pathogen developed and analyzed in the captive mole rats.[14] She spent the remaining time scanning the same four walls over and over again, until the Survivor finally came, allowing her to exploit a loophole in her programming and escape from the bondage of the Vault...

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Perk nociception regulator.png
This character is essential. Essential characters cannot be killed.
This character is a permanent party member. They grant the Combat Medic perk.
This character starts quests.

Emergent Behavior

Perk empathy synthesizer.png
This character is involved in quests.

Hole in the Wall


  • Curie is a robotic companion and shares all the advantages and disadvantages of one. While she is immune to radiation and poison, she can only use her built-in weapons and relies on innate DR for protection. With Emergent Behavior completed, Curie becomes a regular humanoid companion and can use weapons and armor like other users. There is no disadvantage to transferring her, unless the player prefers to customize their robots with Automatron.
  • The biggest obstacle to having Curie is the fact that she is gated behind the Hole in the Wall quest and needs to be located in the course of the quest.
  • Every few days amount of time, Curie will prepare Curie's healthpak, which she will provide automatically when the player talks with her.


Curie's reactions
Curie likes...
Curie loves...
Curie dislikes...
  • ...asking for extra caps for a quest
  • ...being generally violent (except against ghouls and super mutants)
  • ...theft
  • ...destroying neutral Mister Handy's and Mister Gutsy's
Curie hates...


Curie's comments
Location/Requirement Comment
Diamond City, entrance "Are we going to see this baseball game? How exciting!"
[[]] "Oh, can we see the Old State House? Maybe they have the tourist brochure?"
Combat Zone, exterior "Combat. Zone. What a useful warning. We should avoid this place, yes?"
Boston Airport, before the barricades "Ahh, the airport. Can we fly to Los Angeles? I hear it is most lovely there."
Cabot House, exterior by the shrubbery "Oh, look at the architecture. So lovely."
Parsons State Insane Asylum, entrance foyer on the rug just past the front door; during the quest The Secret of Cabot House. "The stories I have read of Parsons are most disturbing."
Jamaica Plain, northwest road entrance, by the diner "Exciting. I wonder if the exhibit, "Treasures of the Jamaica Plain", is still open. Maybe it is precious artwork? Oh, or a mummy!"
Vault 81, entrance walkway "Ah, my Vault. Please, let's go elsewhere."
[[]] "Are we going on an undersea voyage? Like Jules Verne!"
[[]] "Oh, the ship is covered in rust. Have you had your tetanus shot?"
[[]] "I wonder if anyone lives up there now. It must have quite the view."
[[]] "My records mention nothing of this place. How bizarre."
[[]] "Oh, Fort Independence. The Commonwealth is so full of history."
[[]] "Perhaps, in time, it will return to its former grandeur."
Covenant, gate exterior "Oh, what a pleasant little place. We should go in, yes?"
[[]], "Oh! Bunker Hill. I so wanted to visit. Do they have tours?"
Cave (Super Duper Mart), after entering the parking garage "Where did all the cars go?"
[[]] "CIT had miles of tunnels underneath it. I read this in a book."
Sentinel site Prescott, bomb storage room entrance "There is a considerable amount of ordinance here."
Sentinel site Prescott, gantry just inside the main entrance "Nuclear missiles. To think something so comparatively small could destroy so very much."
Sentinel site Prescott, exterior entrance "According to my memory, this used to be a military site."
[[]] "So many cars."
Ticonderoga, penthouse foyer "Oh, look. A secret base."
Old North Church, catacombs "Is anyone famous buried here, you think?"
Old North Church, nave "The Old North Church. Such history."
[[]] "The Commonwealth almost looks healthy from up here."
[[]] "Oh, look. It is so tall."
Hubris Comics, shop floor "The human preoccupation with fiction is a mystery to me."
Hubris Comics, top floor studio "A television studio. We are supposed to get autographs, yes?"
[[]] "Ah, look. It is working."
[[]] "I am no engineer, but the engines could be fixed, I think."
Yangtze-31, bridge "The submarine, it is still working. Somewhat."
Starlight Drive-In, at the screen "Oh, are we going to see a movie?"
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ, Arlen Glass' office "Is this what it was like back then?"
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ, foyer display "Oh, look at the pony."
Wildwood Cemetery "Why bury the dead in one place? Unless it is for fertilization, there is no point to this."
[[]] "Another part of the city's core infrastructure useless."
Walden Pond, just in front of said cabin. "Henry David Thoreau lived here!"
Milton General Hospital, basement morgue "If you spot a cadaver, let me know."
Milton General Hospital, waiting foyer "If you are injured, I doubt they can help you here."
Vault 95, Overseer's office "Support meetings are very important for those dealing with addiction."
Museum of Witchcraft "It appears we are not alone."
Vault 75, combat training room "Some sort of training ground... yes?"
Vault 75, entrance "My Vault had us conducting secret experiments on the residents. Perhaps the same is true for this one."
Vault 114, exterior tunnel construction "A Vault. I suppose it's worth investigating."
Trinity Church, theatrical rigging "I wonder what they did up here?"
Trinity Church, nursery "The population of the Commonwealth is a tiny fraction of what it was. The humans left should focus on reproduction."
Thicket Excavations, near the waters edge; before the conclusion of the quest Pull the Plug. "It would take a staggering number of gallons of water to fill this."
[[]] "We should talk with the robot. I am always excited to exchange data."
[[]] "Excess of drink is the cause of many health problems."
[[]] "Ah, the famed Gwinnett Brewery. It was one of the oldest in America."
Combat Zone, front row "What do they put in the cage?"
[[]] "I am curious to see how the current biosphere interacts with this newly surfaced area."
For Independence "Fort Independence is looking much better thanks to you."
[[]] "Sample collected. I suspect it is partially digested meats and other biological matter."
[[]] "Analyzing. It is interesting how the insect population deals with humans."
Boston Common, just in front of the infantry fighting vehicle "Boston Common. Can we explore?"
[[]] "Look at their technology. Can we talk to them?"
[[]] "Oh, a co-op. I never understood why more humans did not adopt this societal model."
[[]] "Oh a Co-Op. I never understood why more humans did not adopt this societal model."
[[]] "What is on the island, I wonder?"
[[]] "Has the Commonwealth exceeded subsistence level with their agriculture? That is vital to achieve if civilization is to flourish."
[[]] "I wonder if the warning will ever end."
[[]] "Be careful. Much of Slocum's Joe food greatly exceeds the daily allowance of carbohydrates and fat."
Skylanes Flight 1981 "Surely there is a working airplane somewhere. To study the world from above would be very illuminating."
[[]] "Shopping is not as elegant as I was picturing up here."
[[]] "A working ironworks could be most useful for some of my plans."
[[]] "These criminals are heavily armored. Caution."
Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, captain's room "The initial casualties of the bombs must be staggering."
[[]] "And the people here are mining this place? Smart."
Rocky Narrows Park, at the playground "No more little kids to play..."
[[]] "Was this a ranger cabin?"
Robotics disposal ground, in front of the sentry bot "The robots appear to be guarding personal property. We should avoid them."
Robotics Pioneer Park "The Robotics Pioneer Park! Please, we must go. It is a monument to one of my creators."
[[]] "What a nice motel."
[[]] "Super Mutants are so wasteful in their consumption. Usually hunters are very efficient with their kill."
[[]] "Revere Beach. Are we going to vacation here? "
[[]] "Who knew the beach was so very dangerous?"
[[]] "There were studies showing the long war had an intense psychological effect on all America. They gave examples very similar to this."
[[]] "Gas stations... they are eerie now, are they not?"
"Oh, the poor little girl."
Quincy ruins, Freeway stronghold bridge to roof catwalks "I suppose driving cross-country is now out of the question."
Quincy ruins, southeast entrance "I wonder if there is a monument to John Adams here. He was born in Quincy, you know?"
[[]] "I suppose there is little need of quarrying stone now."
[[]] "Such a tragedy."
[[]] "Propsect Hill. I feel like such a tourist."
[[]] "I have never seen the insides of a turbine."
[[]] "Oh, the reservoir appears to be broken."
[[]] "Such a waste."
[[]] "This whole facility is fascinating. I suggest we carefully and methodically push the buttons."
[[]] "*cough* What... What was that? This gas. In my throat?"
[[]] "My sensors detect a high level of an unknown agent in the atmosphere. I recommend extreme caution."
Pickman's Gallery "For medical research, autopsy and the study of the human body is important. But this... this is sick."
[[]] "I wonder what's in the camp?"
[[]] "The entire infrastructure of the Commonwealth is no more. This sewage plant serves no purpose."
Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates, entrance "And people used to live in these little trailers, yes?"
Neponset Park, "Oh, look, a park."
[[]] "Remnants of the military are everywhere."
[[]] "Nothing left to power nearby. How sad."
[[]] "The vast power of the ocean is too often underestimated."
Nahant Oceanological Society, second floor "Ah, too bad. The data they have is not current."
Nahant Oceanological Society, research laboratory "No more fishies."
[[]] "Oh, what are they doing? Torture?"
[[]] "Can we take the tour? Please?"
Gorski Cabin, root cellar workshop "Oh no. That... That is a nuclear bomb!"
[[]] "The ghouls are farming? So they still require nourishment? Or is this strictly for barter?"
[[]] "Perhaps after our journeys, I could use this place. It is well suited for medicine."
[[]] "I suggest we use a different, more secure bank."
[[]] "Why have they built such defenses on a highway?"
University Point, just inside the gate "Oh, Mass State. Perhaps some scientists live there. I hope we meet them."
[[]] "Killing this sniper truly was necessary."
[[]] "Oh, dumping of radioactive material is a serious crime."
Mass Fusion disposal site "It is almost pretty in a toxic and radioactive sort of way."
[[]] "Ah, look. It's working!"
[[]] "Mass Fusion used to power the whole city. Look at it."
[[]] "Too bad the subway is out of order."
Mahkra Fishpacking, basement store room "The fishing industry has seen better days."
[[]] "Maybe someone lives in there?"
[[]] "Oh, what is happening?"
[[]] "I like the little logo. Pelicans are a majestic creature."
[[]] "Are we not committing a felony?"
[[]] "Oh, look, a big boat. I wonder what is inside."
Libertalia, at the top of the main structure "Please, tell me we are done with the fighting. This is not what I expected to be doing up here."
[[]] "Ah, Lexington. So much history here. Please, can we go to the museum?"
[[]] "Warning. This lake is highly irradiated. I recommend we avoid."
[[]] "This lake is a mirelurk habitat. I shall observe their behavior."
Kingsport Lighthouse, at the top beacon "Ah, a lighthouse. How picturesque."
WRVR broadcast station, control room "Oh, can we go in and meet the DJ?"
Jamaica Plain, treasure room "It is marvelous! It says a great deal about the culture of the time. I will record this."
Jamaica Plain, security room "The Treasure must be magnificent to warrant all this."
Jalbert Brothers Disposal, at the barn with the barrels "Are these Cultist truly human now? Or have they mutated beyond that point?"
Super-Duper Mart, front counters "Once the shelves were stocked. And now, all rubble."
Irish Pride Industries shipyard, at the corpse of Rory Rigwell "Domestication of mirelurks may be impossible. Interesting."
[[]] "This was clearly a severe ethical violation. Maybe we should lodge a complaint."
Cambridge crater, edge "A whole pack of feral ghouls. Or is it a herd? Or maybe a murder?"
Cambridge crater, edge "Another victim of the atomic age."
[[]] "It feels like I can see forever from up here."
[[]] "Perhaps one day we can make this a center of learning again."
[[]] "Human adaptability is quite marvelous. Using a crane as a road..."
[[]] "You can see glimmers of what they saw for the future here. So sad."
[[]] "We simply must study these feral ghouls more. Do they possess only animal cunning? Or is there trapped inside some higher cognition?"
Harvard Square, the square "College Square. I was hoping some professors or even students would be here..."
[[]] "No books here. Although, home construction has never been my area of expertise."
[[]] "I wonder where all the soldiers went."
Greater Mass Blood Clinic, basement storage "We should mark this location. Blood transfusions are useful in a variety of medical situations."
[[]] "One day we will find a proper swimming pool. But not today, I think."
Not available due to bugsRadroach.png Atom Cats' garage, unable to determine due to bugged content. Not available due to bugsRadroach.png "This is just like a movie. Soon will they break into song?"
[[]] "An actual Institute scientist's lab. Oh, we must look everywhere."
[[]] "Oh, imagine the view from here before all of this."
[[]] "This is GNN. So much fine journalism here."
General Atomics factory, quality assurance test chamber "What were they testing here?"
Back Alley Bowling, at the lanes "Oh, bowling!"
General Atomics galleria, at the gate "The Mister Handy line really is quite magnificent, don't you think?"
[[]] "Do fraternal orders always carry such stockpiles?"
[[]] "Fish are an excellent source of Omega-3."
Fort Strong, sublevel in the room before the main mini nuke storage room. "All this ordinance lying around. Very dangerous."
West Roxbury station, platform "Oh, a choo choo train. Maybe one day the tracks will be clear and we can take a trip."
[[]] "So many disasters in the Commonwealth. And who will clean it up?"
[[]] "This simply will not do. No kids will play here now."
Federal surveillance center K-21B, gantry overlook "Look at all that. We should go into all the shacks now."
Faneuil Hall, the hall "Oh, Faneuil Hall. It would be even better without all the intestines."
[[]] "What is that noise? Oh, it is some sort of animal."
Fairline Hill Estates, at the entrance to the cul-de-sac "Where are all the people?"
[[]] "Oh, can we take the tour?"
Easy City Downs "Is this... horse racing?"
[[]] "Oh, the poor prisoners. They may need medical attention."
[[]] "I wonder if any organisms live in the pool? Shall we collect a sample?"
[[]] "What a strange place for a quarry."
[[]] "I wonder what they were studying here."
[[]] "Surely those boats were not put there intentionally? Such great chaos after the bombs."
[[]] "Up there? In the skyscraper? Is that a boat?"
[[]] "The boat. It is on the building. That is the USS Constitution. Mon dieu."
[[]] "My word, what is that?"
[[]] "Oh, it leads to the subway."
Croup Manor, basement "I have heard of the Croups. Very influential back in the day. And now..."
Crater House, edge of crater "So much devastation from the bombs."
[[]] "Those Raiders guard that tunnel quite ferociously."
Corvega assembly plant, entrance of the assembly line room "I read that the Corvega Blitz is quite economical and family friendly. But, not so much any more."
Not available due to bugsRadroach.png Coast Guard Pier, either at the corner of the pier by the tower, or the center of the building. The super mutants were supposed to be wearing Coast Guard hats. Not available due to bugsRadroach.png "Your new Coast Guard is quite strange, I think."
[[]] "Boats belong in marinas. Not drawbridges."
Chestnut Hillock Reservoir "Look at the little row boat."
[[]] "Look at all the books. But where are the students? There is so much to learn."
Shaw High School, cafeteria "We've missed lunch, I think."
Charles View Amphitheater "Do they have a schedule here? I would love some Mozart."
[[]] "I wonder. What happened to all the satellites? Are some still working in the darkness of space?"
[[]] "Oh, there is someone inside. We must rescue them."
[[]] "Oh, laboratories. We must see what they were researching."
Cabot House, laboratory "I think this is not the good type of science."
Bunker Hill, base of the monument "It is so... tall."
Breakheart Banks, at the building "Oh. The poor farmers."
Boston Public Library, hall where defenses are "Those are not sorted in the proper Dewey Decimal System. Hmph."
Boston Public Library, main entrance "Oh, a library! Please, we must go in."
Boston mayoral shelter, at the basketball court "Ah. Basketball. I have read about this. Now, you must dribble."
[[]] "Taking the easy way out, sadly, popular choice."
Beantown Brewery, bottling room floor "Do they have beer tasting here? I hear those are quite entertaining."
Fallon's Department Store (West Roxbury township), by the escalators "Oh, shopping!"
Joe's Spuckies (Southie speakeasy), speakeasy stairway "Ah, I have heard of these. This is a speak easy."
The Switchboard, the foyer of the agency "Oh, it's a secret base. Just like the detective books."
BADTFL regional office, evidence lockup "We must be careful. We don't want to tamper with evidence, yes?"


Icon armored vault suit.png
Assault carbine icon.png
Laser Pistol
Saw Blade
Icon briefcase.png
Carried items
Icon male severed head.png
Drops on death


Curie has the same saw blade that Codsworth has, but for some reason she doesn't seem to use it in the vanilla game. She does use it with the Automatron DLC installed.


Curie appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Curie: "Oh. Another stranger. Are you Vault-Tec security? I've waited so very patiently for you to arrive."
    The Sole Survivor: "Who the heck are you?"
    Curie: "I am a Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer, or CVRIE. The human scientists call me Curie. Or more properly, they called me this when they were alive. I repeat, are you Vault-Tec security?"
    (Curie's dialogue)
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  12. The Sole Survivor: "These mole rats carry a disease. Do you know anything about it?"
    Curie: "My poor little darlings. They were used to grow all manner of new and interesting pathogens. Then vault citizens would be exposed to these viruses in the hopes that they would develop new antibodies. But they never got a chance to execute their plan. Clyde got out of his cage. He was smarter than the others, my sweet Clyde. He let out the others and those poor scientists never stood a chance. Clyde's been dead for almost two centuries now, but his descendants have free run of the vault. I'm rambling. Where are my manners. Are you Vault-tec security?"
    (Curie's dialogue)
  13. Curie: "*gasp* I... I... my chest. What is happening?"
    Amari: "Just breathe. It's an autonomic function. Just let your body do what it must."
    Curie: "I. I feel. I feel so strange."
    Amari: "Listen to me. Can you hear me? What is your name?"
    Curie: "My designation is Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer. Or Curie."
    The Sole Survivor: "You had me worried there."
    Curie: "Do not concern yourself. I feel better now."
    The Sole Survivor: "I'm not sure that's really Curie."
    Curie: "Oh, but it is I. Sorry, these vocal chords are very strange."
    The Sole Survivor: "Is that really you, Curie?"
    Curie: "Yes. You sound so different with these ears."
    Amari: "Good. Very good. Now let's test some cognitive functions. What is 1 + 2?"
    Curie: "Three."
    Amari: "If I threw a baseball at your head, what would you do?"
    Curie: "Uh. Move."
    Amari: "Think of a strong memory. The first that comes to mind. Tell me about it."
    Curie: "*sigh* Doctor Burrow was very old. He was the last living scientist in my section of Vault 81. He was on his bed. Very weak. He said to me, "Curie, you must..." And he died before he finished the sentence. Oh, my insides feel peculiar. What is that?"
    (Amari's and Curie's dialogue) Note: This is the post-operation checkup following the quest Emergent Behavior. The three separate options for questioning Curie have been included.
  14. The Sole Survivor: "Yes. Yes, I am."
    Curie: "Superb! I placed an emergency call so long ago. I was beginning to think something dreadful must've happened. I am pleased to report I completed my primary duties 83 years ago. Thousands of pathogens were grown in the mole rat hosts. Then a single broad spectrum cure was developed to treat them all. Very satisfying work for many decades. Now, please tell me you are authorized to release me from the lab."
    (Curie's dialogue)