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Note: This desk terminal is located on the makeshift desk with the lawn chair in front, in the Cueva Guarache.


Zion National Park Network

Year 2097.

Note: Accessing this entry adds Year: 2097 to the Courier's PIP-Boy 3000.


January 13th
The Coughers are gone finally. All 34 that still lived. Ate their dead for strength, then struck out SE.

Victory. 10 months of killing. All I feel is cold.

They deserved every goddamn bit of it.

January 17th
Thought I was dreaming but the screams were real. For a moment thought they'd tricked me, just pretended to leave Zion, then sent a patrol to track me down. But the screams were a woman's.

Edged around corner in passageway to have a look. One Vaulter, ankle deep in bear trap. Leveled my SMG but the way she was crying stopped me.

How she screamed when she saw me. Been their boogey man a long time.

Name's Sylvie. Claims she ran away from them. Calls them evil people, "children of the devil." Turns out they were sick after all, something they caught in a Vault they lived in. She never came down with it (yet).

So help me, I've wound up being her nurse.

January 18th
Her story matches what I learned from my "interrogations" last year, but according to her - let's just say it was bad to be a woman in that group. So when they left, she slipped away.

She knows next to nothing about living outside a Vault. Says she wants to learn.


> Accessing log...

Year 2100.

Note: Accessing this entry adds Year: 2100 to the Courier's PIP-Boy 3000.


September 9th
Never been so scared in my life.

Canada wasn't scary, just sickening, the criminality of it.

The end of the world wasn't scary. When I knew you and Alex were dead, I didn't have anything left to be scared about. I just went on for some reason.

I wasn’t scared fighting the Vaulters. It was like I kept daring them to finish me. When I killed them, I think it was the closest I came to feeling happy in years.

Sylvie is pregnant. And I am terrified.

Ridiculous old man. A father again at 47. In this world?

She's so excited and so - trusting. Says it's God's will that we have this child. Like nothing can go wrong.

You see, Char, she doesn’t know about you and Alex. Never told her. Almost did sometimes but what you and I had, it seemed wrong to share it.

More like an old man not wanting his young wife to know how he failed the one who come before her.

Hiking into Toquerville for medical books and supplies. This will be done right.

I'm sorry, Char. Hope you can forgive me.


> Accessing log...

Year 2101.

Note: Accessing this entry adds Year: 2101 to the Courier's PIP-Boy 3000.


March 5th
Baby was breech. Would've been a son. Michael.

Did my best to turn him. Failed. Must've done Caesarean too late. Had to put Sylvie out and she never woke up.

Buried them south of the narrows.

Well. This time I was by their side. So much better.

I think I can finally do it. Blow my fucking brains out all over this goddamn cave.


> Accessing log...