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Notable MembersCrypts
Notable LocationsScrapheap

The Crypts are a gang of leather-clad men and women seeking to control the entirety of Scrapheap.


Their control of the sole power generator within town limits was a great asset, as were their numbers. Most Crypts use 10mm SMGs and various melee weapons, while their leader, Rayze, possesses a real beauty - a Rockwell CZ-53 personal minigun.

The gang is at odds with the Fools, occupying Scrapheap's garage. Max Stone could join the Crypts in their showdown with the Fools or wipe them out on his own.[1][2]


  1. Max Stone: "{145}{}{Tell me about the Crypts.}"
    Lex: "{151}{}{The Crypts are a gang run by Rayze. He's an animal and has one of the largest guns I've ever seen. He lets Lenny live, cuz he takes care of the Brahmin, which provide fuel for the generator. The Crypts are in the big house.}"
  2. Max Stone: "{146}{}{Tell me about the Fools.}"
    Lex: "{152}{}{Baka leads the Fools. If she had any more men, she'd surely attack the Crypts and try to take back the power generator. You can tell the Crypts from the Fools by their armor. Fools wear metal, Crypts leather.}"