Cryptid Sighting: Snallygaster 10/4

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Cryptid Sighting: Snallygaster 10/4
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Cryptid Sighting: Snallygaster 10/4 is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Beverly Solomon, Cryptid Analyst, 10/4/77. Snallygaster witness report.
Another interesting tidbit from the locals, this time about the Snallygaster. This one's for you, Teddy!
Alright, so the witness overheard a loud shrieking sound and was rushed by a dark shape in the woods. It was leaping at them, or maybe flying?
They took shelter in an old German settler's barn and it couldn't get at them, which is what really interested me!
It screamed and hollered outside all night until dawn. But they knew the seven-pointed star on the wall outside would keep them safe.
Yikes, I guess I know what my next tattoo is going to be!

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