Crimson Caravan office

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Crimson Caravan office
Fo1 CC Office.png
Part ofHub, Downtown
OwnersDemetre Romara

The Crimson Caravan office is the headquarters of the Crimson Caravan merchant house, located in the northern wing of the Maltese Falcon building. Originally operating out of the hospital south of the Merchant's Market, the Caravan has relocated downtown after the Children of Cathedral claimed the hospital.[1]


A building composed of three chambers. The entrance hall is the main caravan office, where Demetre Romara welcomes potential employees (and gifts them grenades to keep them occupied), while his daughter, Keri Lee, works in the back, crunching numbers and managing the finances of the company.



The Crimson Caravan office appears only in Fallout.


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    Butch Harris: "{1108}{BUTCH81}{You can find them over on the northwest edge of Downtown. They controlled the hospital before the Children moved in. Talk about trading the strange for the weird.}"