Crimson Caravan main office

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Crimson Caravan main office
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Cell NameCrimsonCaravanMainOffice
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The Crimson Caravan main office is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It's the office of Alice McLafferty and Don Hostetler. As the game progresses it will be made clear that Alice McLafferty and Don Hostetler have their own agendas.


The Crimson Caravan main office is a typical office with a front and back entrance, with Alice McLafferty's U-shaped desk at the center with a terminal on it, a few chairs and a few other desks, 3 set of lockers off to the left of Alice McLafferty's desk and a safe between Alice McLafferty's desk and the previously mentioned lockers.

Notable loot


The Crimson Caravan main office appears in Fallout: New Vegas.