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Crashed Scout bus
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Map MarkerCrashed Scout Bus
QuestsRoadside Attraction
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See this? This is why your own two feet are better than any cart, whether it's pulled by critters or goes on its own.


The crashed scout bus is a location in the Zion Canyon.


The crashed scout bus is the final resting place of several Lil' Scouts from before the Great War.[1] The Lil' Scout bus fell of off the highway and crashed into a small creek-like area, killing the scouts it was carrying and their caretakers. Upon impact, it split in two, spilling the bodies outside. In total, there were eighteen people killed: sixteen Lil' Scouts, a scout master and the driver. The bus is resting at the end of a small inlet tributary from the Virgin River.

Notable loot

  • The broken compass can be found in the left bus half as you approach the bus. The compass sensor module can also be found right near the broken compass in the hand of a skeleton. There is also a dino toy in the hand of one of the dead scouts, and another floating in the water to the rear of the bus.
  • A large amount of lunchboxes are scattered around the site.
  • There is a duffle bag with random loot up on the southwestern side of the cliff that requires you drop down to it or climbed up to it.

Related quests


  • The suitcases found here are incredibly small, much smaller than normal suitcases, this is probably to give the effect that the scouts that were on the bus had child sized suitcases.


The crashed scout bus appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


  1. The Courier: "What's this "place where the little ones fell?""
    Follows-Chalk: "In the river, there's a twisted pile of metal and glass, all full of bones. Joshua says they were scouts, but they looked awful small to me. Lots of that old stuff, how do you say it... electronics? Maybe you could use some of it."
    (Follows-Chalk's dialogue)