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Coyote tobacco chew
Coyote tobacco chew.png
Icon coyote tobacco.png
+1 Agility for 4 minutes
+1 Perception for 4 minutes
-30 Sleep
Addiction10% chance of tobacco addiction
+30 UMON for 30 hours
Component ofBlack coffee Honest HeartsGametitle-FNV HH.png
Base ID000eaca3

Coyote tobacco chew is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Harvested from wild tobacco plants common to the Mojave Desert, coyote tobacco chew is a reinvigorating plant that can be consumed raw to relieve stress and reduce sleepiness, thanks to the high concentrations of nicotine inside plant leaves. Before the Great War, it was commonly used for medicinal purposes, especially among Native Americans. In more recent times, it became a favorite of wastelanders for staying awake on the trail.


When consumed, coyote tobacco chew adds +1 to Perception and Agility, while reducing the need to sleep by -30 (if Hardcore mode is active). It's possible to become addicted to it, receiving a -1 penalty to Perception and Charisma. The plant becomes even more useful with Honest Hearts installed, as it can be used to brew black coffee together with a honey mesquite pod.


  • Coyote tobacco chew is typically harvested from the coyote tobacco plants. Each will regrow after a period of time. Notable concentrations include:
    • Westside: 25 in total. 10 in the planters in the eastern part of the settlement (northeast of the north cistern) and another 15 in planters east of the Westside Co-Op building. Note that some plants are owned and taking them counts as stealing.
    • Wolfhorn Ranch: Four plants grow here.
    • Raul's shack: Two plants to the right, outside.
    • Ranger Station Echo: One west of the tower, near the rocks, while another grows between the station and Coyote Mines, near a pool.
  • Loose leaves can be found in many locations, including: