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Coyote Tail ridge
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Map MarkerCoyote Tail Ridge
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The Coyote Tail ridge is a location among the foothills southwest of Bitter Springs.


This is the specific location among the foothills where 1st Recon was ordered to create a defensive[1] line of fire from Khans attempting a breakout of the encampment once the attack started. Unbeknownst to NCR intelligence Bitter Springs was actually the Khans home base. Those that were fleeing – through the only other entrance of the settlement; known as Canyon 37 – the fighting were actually non-combatants. Through miscommunication command ordered 1st Recon to fire until they were out of ammunition.[2] As a result this military operation became known as the Bitter Springs massacre. It scared not only all those involved, but also the reputation of the NCR; whom had moderate success in whitewashing the entire debacle.[3]


Coyote Tail Ridge is just a rock. If you follow the northeast trail, you will come to a sign on the left that says "BITTER SPRINGS", and under it is a picture of the NCR bear. Further up a bit to both sides, a dozen graves in two rows can be looted.

Notable loot

With a shovel, each grave may be robbed for various types of ammunition, caps, and chems.


  • If discovered before Bitter Springs (or if approached from the north), this location evokes from Boone the comment, "Christ. They put the graveyard here" which reflects "flavor text" involvement in the I Forgot To Remember To Forget quest. It neither advances nor affects the quest until the player has led Boone to Bitter Springs.
  • After visiting Bitter Springs, Boone requests the Courier to remain at the site overnight. This advances the I Forgot to Remember to Forget quest.
  • Cazadores have a nest near this location and may detect and attack the player.


Coyote Tail ridge appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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