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Map MarkerCovenant
Commonwealth Minutemen (optionally)
LeadersJacob Orden
DoctorsPatricia Montgomery
MerchantsPenny Fitzgerald
QuestsHuman Error
Cell NameCovenantExt
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TerminalsPublic Terminal
Office Terminal

Covenant is a heavily fortified town and a possible settlement in the Commonwealth.


This settlement sports impressive defenses, quaint amenities, and the residents are strangely friendly for the wasteland. One only needs to pass a simple test known as SAFE to enter the village.[1] Recently, Honest Dan rolled into town investigating one of Old Man Stockton's caravans, but the residents of Covenant deny that such a caravan even came through.[2]

Covenant keeps their true intentions in the shadows; the quaint, perfect existence is all an act.[3] The SAFE test is actually a psychological examination to determine if any visitors to the village are Institute synths. While the residents do not so much as mention synths,[4] their purpose is to report any strange interactions with visitors so they may be rounded up and interrogated at the Compound.[5] If they are determined to be a synth, they are executed to help every other wastelander.

Settlement information

This settlement is accessible by completing Human Error in favor of Covenant, or by slaughtering the current inhabitants. Covenant is of moderate size, contained within its high walls. Despite the moderate threat of being raided, these walls and the single entrance make it extremely well defended. The interior also has lots of space for agricultural plots, as well as water wells. There is not a lot of scrap materials to support building more structures within, but the four buildings are entirely intact, making for great shelter for other settlers.



Upon entering, there is a small corn, tato and mutfruit farm, and the settlement's workshop on the right. Beyond the farm is Penny's shop, which also hosts the doctor's office. To the left of the entrance is an Advanced-locked house, and beyond that is Covenant's public house. On the far east end of the settlement is Mayor Jacob Orden's house, kept behind a a Master-locked door. The house contains the office terminal detailing the missing Stockton caravan.


Main article: Compound

The Compound is just across the pond to the west of the village, in a sewage outtake pipe. The pipe leads out to a room where Manny confronts any outsider to the Compound. A hallway descends west past a Master-locked interrogation room toward the main part of the Compound, which is a web of catwalks.

Through an Expert-locked door to the north is a prison cell, and an office containing Dr. Roger's personal terminal. Still, the catwalks ascend higher and wind around the main room, leading to a room in the southwest corner. The hallway forks to the east and west; to the west is Dr. Rosalyn Chambers' laboratory, which contains an armor workbench and a chemistry station, as well as several locked prison cells and a terminal to unlock them; to the east is a chained door, which opens close to the interrogation room.


Notable loot


Covenant appears only in Fallout 4.


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    The Covenant also have commandeered a sewer tunnel area across the lake to the west, just below a lake lookout east of Mystic Pines. To progress farther into the Covenant’s secret headquarters, open the door from the initial chamber (Master) or use the compound key that Manny or one of the compound guards is carrying."
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Covenant and the Compound