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County sewer mainline
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Map Marker(nearest: Sewer Waystation)
Cell NameFriendshipMetro01 (interior)
SewerMainlineExit (exterior)
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Sewer Management Access Computer

The county sewer mainline is a sewage tunnel which can be accessed from either inside the sewer waystation or a sewage grate along the Potomac River, just north of a raider camp under the west point of the Arlington Memorial bridge.


Although it cannot be accessed through these locales, this network of pipes goes under Grayditch and Arlington Cemetery, and serves as a thoroughfare for wastelanders heading to and from Washington, D.C.[1] It is the home of Gallo, as well a number of feral ghouls and radroaches, and contains a large number of workbench items.


Gallo's hideaway

Nearby the waystation access point (the right path after entering via the waystation) can be found a hostile ghoul named Gallo, whose room is located past several traps in the northwest region of the sewers. On Gallo's person can be found Gallo's storage key which is used to access a storage closet nearby. Gallo's room also contains a small Nuka-Cola collection, a safe, as well as a pen of radroaches. There is a bed here too, and quite a few shelves. If Gallo is killed, you can use his home as your own (though you cannot technically own it).

Sewer management main room

The sewer management main room is located in the central region of the mainline. It is occupied by a number of radroaches and feral ghouls.

Sewer management storage

The sewer management storage closet can be accessed from a terminal behind a locked gate nearby. A number of chems, ammunition and workbench items can be found.

Sewage tunnels

The sewage tunnels that compose most of the mainline are littered with the remains of dead mercenaries and wastelanders. These are often marked by the presence of feral ghouls. Boxes of ammunition can be found near many of the remains.

Also in the tunnel between the sewer management main room and Gallo, there's a strange skull with glowing eyes stuck on a metal rod, with two smaller rods crossed just under it. It could be a reference to the Khan raider clan from Fallout 1 and 2.

Notable loot


The county sewer mainline only appears in Fallout 3.


  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png In a small room with a staircase near the exit to the Capital Wasteland, the player might find themselves swimming down the staircase rather than walking, having an oxygen meter displayed and the ability to "drown".


  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.459-460: "U13: COUNTY SEWER MAINLINE
    This is a thoroughfare for Wastelanders heading to and from the city, this place is filled with Ghouls, some more eccentric than others."
    (Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition Tour of the Capital Wasteland)