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This page is about the factory in the Capital Wasteland. For the factory in Lexington in the Commonwealth, see Corvega assembly plant.
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Corvega factory
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The Corvega factory is a location southwest of Vault 108 in the Capital Wasteland. It lies right next to the Corvega township.


Before the Great War, this Chryslus Motors facility manufactured the Corvega line, a line of car models heavily used throughout the pre-War USA. Now it's home to a colony of giant ants.


The factory has been claimed by giant ants, with the bodies of unwary scavengers scattered across the facility. On the factory floor, the player can find the giant ant queen at the southern end, which can be slain for pheromones.

The building also has a plethora of other items to be found, including three skill books, weapon parts, as well as plenty of ant meat on the ants and inside egg cluthces.

Notable loot


Refer to the infobox map for precise locations

  1. Lying, Congressional Style - on the reception desk.
  2. Big Book of Science - in an office up the stairs, on the left side of the building (relative to the entryway).
  3. Dean's Electronics - east of the ant queen, up the stairway. It is found on the desk, though it may be knocked down and under the bodies of a mercenary and a wastelander, due to a physics glitch.


  • Big Book of Science - inside a rusty dumpster at the rear of the factory next to a truck. Access can be gained from the cliff nearby, either by jumping down or climbing down.
  • U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes - in an overturned truck south of the factory, under the highway girders.Searching the truck will spawn a raider ambush.
    • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual - in the same truck, inside a locked (very hard) footlocker. The key to the footlocker is located about north from the front of the truck, under an overturned box next to a rock and a skeleton (it may glitch and become inaccessible without console commands).
    • A Mini nuke in the same truck.


  • This is one of the three locations where a Giant Ant Queen can be found.
  • There is a dead female Talon Company mercenary on a balcony above the main entrance.
  • A floor collapsed above the main hall. There is a toppled vending machine and a steel desk suspended over the edge. The desk can be reach by climbing onto the railing of the balcony, then the broken column, and finally jumping toward the desk. Alternatively, the player can jump up on the steel beam protruding from the pile of debris under the desk.
  • Behind the factory, near the gas station, is a random encounter spawn point.
  • A Vertibird may land in the vicinity and drop off a group of Enclave soldiers.



The Corvega Factory appears only in Fallout 3.