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Concord civic access
The door entrance
Part ofConcord
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Concord civic access is an unmarked location in Fallout 4.


The underground tunnels beneath Concord, serving the city's utilities and housing the bases of the Municipal Plutonium Wells. Currently an infested den of vermin.



There are three different entrances to the underground area:

  • The first entrance can be found as a cellar door near the side of a building in Concord.
  • The second entrance is a door beneath a section of road that is exposed when a Deathclaw climbs out during the quest When Freedom Calls.
  • The third entrance is another cellar door that can be found near a bus stop and Pulowski Preservation shelter.


The interior is part sewer, part service tunnels. The area is small, but can be confusing. Navigating around the sewer is best. The primary opposition is composed of mole rats, with one soft shell mirelurk thrown in for variety. The steamer trunk is just off the end of the sewer near the plutonium well (opposite the deathclaw nest).

Notable loot


Concord civic access appears only in Fallout 4.

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