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BuildingsConcord civic access
Concord speakeasy
Museum of Freedom
FactionsCommonwealth Minutemen
Gristle's raiders
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Concord is a location in the Commonwealth.


This historical town hosts the Museum of Freedom, as well as the survivors of the Quincy Massacre who are holed up in the building. Jared, the leader of the Lexington raider gang, sent Gristle and a small detachment to slaughter the survivors as well as retrieve Mama Murphy.


The houses and stored of Concord are mostly ruined and boarded up, but there are a few areas of note: the Museum of Freedom and church in the southeast part of town; the workhouse near the main road on the north side of town; Concord Speakeasy relatively in the center of town, down the street from the Museum of Freedom; and Concord civic access underground.


  • Accessable house
  • Church
  • Hardware store
  • Walden Drugs
  • Wright's Inn


Main article: Workhouse

The workhouse is a small building with multiple floor, although many have collapsed over time. There is a staircase in the east that ascends to the building's rooftop. Along the way, the third story has a skeleton and duffle bag in the corner (accessible by dropping down from the fourth story), and the fourth story has a small office with an Advanced-locked safe.

Concord Speakeasy

Main article: Concord speakeasy

Concord's pub is mostly trashed, but an Advanced-locked safe still rests behind the bar. The northwest wall has two sets of staircases, one leading into to the basement and another leading up a living area with several bedrooms. The Advanced-locked door conceals another bedroom with a steamer trunk and long deceased survivor. The basement is just a simple store room.

Concord civic access

Main article: Concord civic access

The civic access can be accessed from three locations: the grate in front of the municipal plutonium well in the center of town; a cellar door behind the bus stop northeast of the Museum of Freedom; and in the alley across from the speakeasy. From the grate by the plutonium well, the hallway leads through an office to the sewers proper. The partially flooded area twists to the west before coming to a section with a catwalk.

To the north is a hallway leading to a ladder up to the surface and the catwalk leads up to another hallway and ladder up to the surface. Slightly further west down the sewer is a small room containing a slew of pipes, a bed and a steamer trunk.

Notable loot

  • The Eagle's Nest edition of Taboo Tattoos is in the civic access, in the front of the steamer chest in the small room at the western part of the sewer. A fusion core is also in the steamer trunk.
  • An X-Cell is found on the ground beside the bed in the northeastern bedroom in the Concord Speakeasy.
  • There is a Vault-Tec lunchbox under the bed in the northern bedroom of the Concord Speakeasy. Two more are found in the civic access: one is in a collapsed hallway before descending into the actual sewer, and the other is hidden in the western end of the partially flooded sewer, behind a pipe.


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Concord appears only in Fallout 4.

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