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Concerns With Margie
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Concerns With Margie is a voice holotape in Fallout 76.




Meg Groberg: Meg here. I've gotta say something before it's too late. I think ol' Margie's off her rocker, man.

You know, we're all tryin' our best here, but this whole idea of being a Raider without killing is way harder than it sounds.

I mean, yeah, I get it, but, damn girl! This is life and death out there!

Some of these people are just tryin' to make it, like anyone else after the bombs. I don't want to kill 'em if they don't give up their stuff.

But you know, we got to eat, and so do they. Wavin' a gun around used to scare 'em, but now they got nothin' to lose, so they wave one right back.

I keep tellin' Margie we're losin' people out there because we're told not to fire first, and it ain't getting' any easier.

She don't know it yet, but a lot of us've been firin' first anyway, so's to save our skins.

Margie'd be pissed, but she ain't out there like the rest of us. So, to heck with her.

Only reason we don't up and mutiny her ass is because she's got that piece of the key for the cache, and a few loyalists to protect her.

And honestly, it still beats hangin' with any of the other gangs. That deal we've got with the Palace is pretty sweet. All told, we got it good.

Ah well. Guess all we can do is keep on keepin' on, ya dig?

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