Computer voice module

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Computer voice module
FO2 Computer Voice Module.gif
Value$ 3000
QuestsFix the Vault 13 computer.
Prototype ID00000356
Dialogue FilePRO ITEM.MSG

A circuit board with several unidentifiable parts, a microphone, and an inscription that reads "Vault-Tec Voice Recognition Module."

The computer voice module, also known as the Vault-Tec voice recognition module, is a quest item in Fallout 2.


This part fits in the computer in Vault 13.


  • One can be bought from Eldridge in Reno for $3000.
  • One can be found on the second floor in Vault 8 (Vault City).


Eldridge acquired his module from a traveling merchant.[1]


  1. Fallout Bible 6: "1g. How did that guy from New Reno Arms get vault-tec speech module? And how did that friend of Vic ( from vault city ) get the "vault13 flasks" ( I don't remeber that it was explained in FO2 )? Oh, and why Enclave didn't do anything about master after he took vault-tec demonstration vault? BTW. How did master move, he's just a big peace of crap!
    Vault-Tec speech module: He got it from a traveling merchant (similar to how Vic got the V13 water flask). Eldridge likes to collect old Pre-War relics and throw it in his basement to keep Algernon amused - and in the hopes the kid will build a nuclear missile he can use to hold all of New Reno hostage."