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The Commonwealth is a region roughly corresponding to the pre-War Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

List of communities

Point of reference
Name Type Overview
Abernathy farm Farm A small, family-run farm in the western Commonwealth.[1]
Atom Cats garage Outpost Derelict garage and junkyard occupied by the Atom Cats, a small group of power armor aficionados.[1]
Bunker Hill Town Trading hub built in and around the Battle of Bunker Hill monument. The volume of merchant traffic and income from services provided to them turned Bunker Hill into a wealthy settlement able to pay raiders off.[1]
Covenant Town Isolationist trading community with a particular fear of synths.[1]
County Crossing Farm Small, family-run farm.
Diamond City City The focal point of commerce and human settlement in the Commonwealth, Diamond City is a major community with its own electricity, farming, water source, and light manufacturing. Together with Bunker Hill and Goodneighbor it forms the heart of human civilization in the Commonwealth.[1]
Finch Farm Farm Small, family-run farm.
Goodneighbor Town Anarchic town under the governance of Hancock, Goodneighbor is a refuge for ghouls, outcasts, and people who thrive without strong legal oversight. Its economy revolves around drugs, weapons, salvage, and other goods made available by traders unable or unwilling to trade in Diamond City or Bunker Hill.[1]
Graygarden Farm Fully-automated, self-sufficient farm.
Greentop Nursery Farm A mutfruit farm near Malden.
Libertalia Town Raider settlement in a former fishing community established on the wreckage of a pre-War ship fleet.[1]
Nordhagen Beach Farm A coastal gourd farm.
Oberland Station Farm A tato farm on the eastern bank of the Charles River.
Somerville Place Outpost A small house on the edge of the Glowing Sea.
Quincy Fortress Formerly one of the largest cities in the Commonwealth, Quincy was sacked by Gunners and turned into a heavily fortified forward operating base.[1]
Tenpines Bluff Farm A small farm on the northern bluffs.
The Slog Settlement A ghoul community in an old resort.
Vault 81 Vault Fully functional Vault that remains operational more than two centuries, exporting medical supplies and other Vault technology in exchange for food, water, and other necessities.[1]
Warwick Homestead Farm A small, family-run farm in a derelict water treatment plant.[1]

List of abandoned communities

Name Type Overview Cause of abandonment
University Point Town A large trading hub on the coast. Sacked by Institute synths.
Salem Town A pre-War town on the coast. Wiped out by mirelurks.
Spectacle Island Settlement An ambitious attempt to colonize the largest island on the coast. Wiped out by mirelurks.


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