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Commissary terminal
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United States Armed Services Joint Automated Commissary and Repair Stations,[1] shortened to commissary terminals in the game, are automated trade and repair stations found in the Divide.


Commissary terminals were a prototypical technology before the Great War, intended to streamline the process of delivering gear and other supplies to soldiers. The only known locations, where this technology was utilized, are the Hopeville and Ashton military complexes. All commissaries draw from a single stock, much to the chagrin of pre-War soldiers.[2] They also double as automated repair stations for man-portable equipment, able to restore even almost totally destroyed equipment to full functionality.

However, shortly before the War, all terminals in the Divide were locked out as a response to the revelation that supposedly counterfeit-proof pay chits issued to soldiers were in reality virtually identical to bottle caps.[3] However, commissaries can be reactivated, but it is a very hard feat and to date only the Duraframe Eyebots are known to be able to hack them.[4]

In game terms, commissaries are used to buy and sell items, including the mods for the Red Glare and the shoulder mounted machine gun. They can also be used to repair equipment. All commissaries in the Divide share the same inventory, which can be accessed from any unlocked terminal.


"Clean" commissaries

"Dirty" commissaries


  • ED-E first needs to reactivate commissary terminals in order for the Courier to use them.
  • Once activated, the commissary terminal has a seemingly never ending supply of caps available, enabling the player to sell indefinitely. Once the commissary has fewer than 200 caps left, if you exit the terminal and reopen it, it will have 6000 caps again.
  • The terminals are one of the few places in the game where you can buy electron charge packs. They are usually stocked in large numbers.


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    Welcome to the United States Armed Services Joint Automated Commissary and Repair Station! Please input your selection below.
    Leave the terminal alone.
    Access Commissary.
    Access Universal Repair Interface.
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