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Combat shotgun
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Combat shotgun is a weapon in Fallout Shelter. There are six variations of this weapon, including a unique legendary Combat shotgun.


Main article: Combat shotgun

The combat shotgun was a weapon born out of necessity in a world ravaged by war and resource shortages. Instead of lightweight metal alloys used in eg. the Citykiller, it uses wood and stamped metal sheets that greatly reduce manufacturing costs, while its design maximizes durability without sacrificing the firepower provided by standard 12 gauge shotgun shells. Although it might have seemed antiquated, the combination of firepower, ruggedness, and low price tag resulted in widespread adoption by the United States military.[1] Though early models used a combination drum-and-tube magazine (when placed in the magazine well, the drum would fill the tube with shells), standardized, mass-produced versions used a more conventional magazine placement with a variety of magazine types available.[2]

Its widespread use led to the development of a large variety of modifications, allowing for in-depth customization. These include various optics, ranging from simple iron sight rings, through reflex sights, to night vision and recon scopes, bayonets and compensators, as well as adjustable, pistol-grip tactical stocks from lightweight alloys. To capitalize on this, the military introduced the combat rifle: A combat shotgun rechambered for rifle rounds and without the heat shroud protecting the barrel. Everything else was left in place, including the original magazine well with the drum mount. Despite that, the resulting rifle was as cheap, effective, and popular as the combat shotgun.[3]

Its popularity proved enduring, as working units were salvaged after the Great War and pressed into use by wastelanders of all stripes, including merchant guards, adventurers, raiders, slavers, Gunners, and Talon Company mercs.

List of variants

Variant name Rarity Damage Description
Rusty combat shotgun Rare 13 For every misfired shell, there are 5 more that do the job.
Combat shotgun Rare 13-14 A fully-automatic, drum-loaded shotgun. Ouch.
Enhanced Rare 13-15 Faster shots, better shells, messier deaths.
Hardened Rare 13-16 Every pull of the trugger is a kiss of death.
Armor piercing Legendary 13-17 Close-range death dealing... x2. Brutal.
Charon's shotgun Legendary 13-18 Rumored to be a ghoul merc's key to the River Styx.


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