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Combat shotguns are repeating shotguns designed specifically for use in military operations in close quarters, usually with a detachable box magazine. The first dedicated combat shotguns were the trench guns of World War I, widely feared and loathed for their firepower in the cramped trenches.


Winchester City-Killer

Fo1 Combat Shotgun.png
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Designed by Winchester, the City-Killer is a bullpup-pattern fully automatic combat shotgun, loaded from standard detachable box magazines. Capable of single and automatic fire, it is provided with an upper barrel shroud to protect the operator from injury due to the heat buildup in the barrel. All metal, with polymer furniture, City-Killers found in the wastelands come with the DesertWarfare environmental sealant modification for extra reliability.


Fo2 H&K CAWS.png
Gameplay articles:

A next generation weapon from Heckler & Koch, the Close Assault Weapons System was designed to minimize combat shotgun size without compromising either accuracy or reliability. The bullpup configuration ensures portability, while ambidextrous design and long barrel ensure accuracy at short and medium ranges. Capable of both single shot and fully automatic fire.

Pancor Jackhammer

Fo2 Pancor Jackhammer.png
Gameplay articles:

Designed by Pancor, the Jackhammer combat shotgun is one of the most powerful pre-War close range weapons. It is essentially a gas-operated revolver, using a bullpup configuration. Placing the magazine behind the trigger group allowed the designers to make it more compact and better balanced without compromising accuracy or ability to control it in automatic mode.[1]

Combat shotgun

Fo4 Base Shotgun.png
Gameplay articles:

The combat shotgun was a weapon born out of necessity in a world ravaged by war and resource shortages. Instead of lightweight metal alloys used in eg. the Citykiller, it uses wood and stamped metal sheets that greatly reduce manufacturing costs, while its design maximizes durability without sacrificing the firepower provided by standard 12 gauge shotgun shells. Although it might have seemed antiquated, the combination of firepower, ruggedness, and low price tag resulted in widespread adoption by the United States military.[2] Though early models used a combination drum-and-tube magazine (when placed in the magazine well, the drum would fill the tube with shells), standardized, mass-produced versions used a more conventional magazine placement with a variety of magazine types available.[3]

Its widespread use led to the development of a large variety of modifications, allowing for in-depth customization. These include various optics, ranging from simple iron sight rings, through reflex sights, to night vision and recon scopes, bayonets and compensators, as well as adjustable, pistol-grip tactical stocks from lightweight alloys. To capitalize on this, the military introduced the combat rifle: A combat shotgun rechambered for rifle rounds and without the heat shroud protecting the barrel. Everything else was left in place, including the original magazine well with the drum mount. Despite that, the resulting rifle was as cheap, effective, and popular as the combat shotgun.[4]

Its popularity proved enduring, as working units were salvaged after the Great War and pressed into use by wastelanders of all stripes, including merchant guards, adventurers, raiders, slavers, Gunners, and Talon Company mercs.

Riot shotgun

Gameplay article:

An automatic shotgun designed for law enforcement agencies, it follows a conventional pattern in its design. The weapon has been designed with a short barrel and without a stock, to provide riot control teams with a small, compact shotgun that can be reliably used in crowds, while retaining its firepower.


Tactics neostead combat sg.png
Gameplay article:

Gray paragraphs are based on Fallout Tactics and were not confirmed by primary sources A fully automatic bullpup configuration military shotgun, the Neostead is a very powerful close combat weapon. Notably, rather than use detachable magazines, it relies on a pair of tube magazines running along the top of the weapon, loaded two shells at a time by breaking the shotgun open.


SPAS-12 Combat Shotgun.png

Gray paragraphs are based on Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel and were not confirmed by primary sources Designed from the ground up as a full-metal automatic shotgun for military purposes, the SPAS-12 is a respectable weapon in close quarters combat, ensuring the target is hit with a blast of 00 buckshot and sent to the other side.


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