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For an overview of combat knifes throughout the Fallout series, see Combat knife.
Combat knife
Combat knife.png
Combat knife icon.png
SkillMelee Weapons 50
Strength Req.3
Attack statistics
15 (28.4)
45 (136.1)
Crit Dmg
Crit % Mult
3 (4.8)AP17
EffectBonus critical chance
.5x weapon reach
Weight1Value$ 500
Item HP90
Combat knife
One-handed melee
Editor ID?
Base ID00004326
0013f76f (assassin)
00176e56 (cass)
Perk Effects
Perks (dam.)
Lord Death
Perks (Att.)

The combat knife is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


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A high-quality military combat/utility knife,[1] the "Stallona" knife is made by SharpWit, Inc., using a funneled bowie shape and a stacked grip with a finger ring on the pommel (though some models may lack the ring and the funnel).[2] Certain models may have a serrated top edge[2] while others also lack this feature like the ring funnel.[3] The edge is guaranteed by the company to remain sharp for over a decade of use![4]


A large knife designed for both combat and survival. It has a long blade with a notched edge intended for cutting rope and small branches.

It has a special 'Back Slash' attack, which does 70% damage in V.A.T.S. at the cost of 14 action points (requires a Melee skill of 50).


  • Chance's knife, a much more powerful unique variant located in Chance's grave.
  • Cass' combat knife, Rose of Sharon Cassidy carries a special "non-playable" version of the weapon, also otherwise identical to the standard version.
  • Legion assassin knife, the assassin sent to kill President Kimball carries a special version which is "non-playable". This prevents the weapon from normally being shown in inventory, e.g. when pickpocketing the assassin. The weapon is otherwise identical to the standard combat knife.


Name Dmg/att DPS Att/sec Crit mult Crit dmg AP cost Weight Item HP Value Stat Req.
Combat knife 15 45 3 x2 15 17 1 90 500 Melee Weapons:50 Strength:3
Chance's knife 22 91.3 4.2 x2 22 17 1 90 900 Melee Weapons:50 Strength:3


  • Combat knives are incredibly common across the Mojave. They are often randomly spawned in containers and bins, or can be found in almost all weapon stores.
  • One in good condition can be found on a blackjack table in the Vikki and Vance Casino. Go into the big, main room with the car, take a right, into the small room, and it should be on a table in the back right corner.
  • There's one on a table in the headquarters building in Cottonwood Cove.
  • Captain Curtis at Camp McCarran has one in full condition during the quest I Put a Spell on You.
  • Orris has one if you kill him in G.I. Blues.
  • At Camp Golf, in the House Resort, in the barracks in a shelf next to the mess hall. It can be taken without karma penalty.
  • One can be found inside Gomorrah in a "very hard" locked room, on a table beside a prostitutes corpse.
  • One can be found in very poor condition on top of a table in Boone's room.
  • A total of 10 can be obtained in Camp Searchlight, on the corpses of ghoul NCR troopers associated with the quest We Will All Go Together.
  • New California Republic troopers and Fiends often carry a combat knife.
  • One can be found in the second floor of a ruined building in Boulder City beside a couple of skeletons. You will also find a service rifle and a Ranger hat in this building, each in very low condition.
  • One can be found on a dead Wastelander at the back of Goodsprings Cave.
  • One in perfect condition can be found inside a sunken boat, at the Virgin River in the Honest Hearts add-on.


  1. The design mimics the KA-BAR knife of the USMC, designed for combat and utility.
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