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For an overview of combat armor variants throughout the Fallout series, see combat armor.
Combat armor mk II
AC bonus25
Value$ 8,000
Normal40 DR6 DT
Laser65 DR9 DT
Fire35 DR5 DT
Plasma50 DR5 DT
Electrical55 DR3 DT
Explosive45 DR9 DT
Prototype id00000381
Message FilePRO ITEM.MSG

Combat armor mk II is a piece of armor in Fallout 2.


Main article: Combat armor

Modelled after the human silhouette and designed to provide balanced protection that does not limit mobility on the battlefield, combat armors are a diverse family of personal body armor of varying degrees of sophistication, from the earliest iterations of the armor developed by the United States Army[1] to the cutting-edge riot gears that came into use prior to the Great War.[2]

The Mark II is a new version of Combat armor, designed to replace the Combat armor reinforced, this high tech suit was created as a heavier, more protective armor reserved for use by American shock troops and special forces.[3]


It's superior to the Combat Armor, but generally inferior to Brotherhood Armor. Mark II combat armor has 5 more AC than Brotherhood armor, and an increased resistance to explosive weaponry, but Brotherhood armor has superior resistances and thresholds for everything else.

It cannot be used to gain combat implants.


  • In the bunker under the Toxic Caves. You need a good repair skill (or good tools or Vic) to repair the reactor and you need an electronic lockpick to open the door.
  • Sold in San Francisco.


  1. The Army helmet is presented in the game as an older type of helmet, issued to uniformed troops who do not use the standard set of combat armor: Clearly visible in the tutorial segment and later on countless dead bodies throughout the Commonwealth.
  2. Riot gear variants available in Lonesome Road.
  3. Fallout 2 Official Strategies & Secrets p. 65: "Combat Armor is prewar personal body armor. Combat Armor Mk. 2 was designed as a heavier set of personal armor, reserved for use by shock troops and Special Forces."
    "Brotherhood Combat Armor, manufactured by the Brotherhood of Steel, looks like normal Combat Armor, but is made of substantially improved materials and is designed better. In addition to its other protective features, Combat Armor gives the wearer a 20% bonus to their Radiation Resistance."