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Combat Zone
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Combat Zone
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Combat Zone is a location in the Commonwealth.


Once an old time theater this locale once again became a public arena. In 2285 a gang of raiders occupied the building and took over the operation from Tommy Lonegan. Where before it was a place where reputable denizens came for entertainment, it became a place where selfish lowlifes tried to take advantage of one another[1] before being recently taken over by raiders.[2]

Sometimes the raiders get their kicks watching fights, between other raiders and sometimes between unwilling captured wastelanders. Cait is one such wastelander, and enjoys every second of fighting in the zone.


The Combat Zone has been repurposed from an old theater. The main foyer includes a list of rules crudely written on the walls, and a room to the side to display the people who break these rules. Through the door is the main theater, most notably containing a sizable cage that opponents fight inside. Directly on the left as one enters is a cooking station. To the sides of the rows of seat leading down to the cage are some counters with various weapons on them. A room to the south contains a weapons workbench and armor workbench and there is a chemistry station opposite them. Some wooden staircases lead up to the second floor, which holds more rooms and viewing perches.


Notable loot

  • The Modern Lawn Care edition of Picket Fences is on a table in front of the arena.
  • A Nuka Cherry is found on the northern room on the southern floor.

Behind the scenes

  • Combat Zone was supposed to have a second part, CombatZone02, comprising the backstage with stage lifts and dressing rooms. It was cut from the game and scene transitions obscured by curtains. It remains in the game files in its half-finished state with default lighting and random loot containers.


The Combat Zone appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Cait: "Have a minute? Got somethin' on my mind."
    The Sole Survivor: "Of course, anything you need."
    Cait: "Anythin' I need, huh? I might take you up on that one day. After Tommy stuck me with you, I was expectin' to hate your guts. Not only because you agreed to pick up me contract, but because I was waitin' for you to order me around like hired help. Now so far, you've been treatin' me like a friend. Hell, you've been damn near NICE to me. Now I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but your kindness is startin' to make me wonder. If there's anythin' I learned at the Combat Zone, it was that nobody does things for other people without expectin' somethin' in return.
    The Sole Survivor:
    "You're comparing me to that riff-raff?"
    "You don't even come close to the losers that pollute the place. I spent three years livin' at the Combat Zone. Smelled like puke and piss, but I called it home. I was makin' a few caps, had me own bed to sleep in and three hot meals a day. Then the Raiders took over the place. You know that lot... they aren't exactly what you'd call "the gentle type." After they moved in, if you didn't keep lookin' over your shoulder, you were liable to get sucker punched and robbed... or worse. Didn't take me long to learn that I had to put my hard-earned caps to good use. Buyin' friends was essential to makin' life easier. So I guess I'm waitin' for you to hand me a bill, you know what I mean?"
    (Cait's dialogue)
  2. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Collector's Edition p.497-498: "[16.01] COMBAT ZONE
    Once an old-time theater and public arena, this location has been taken over by Raiders, who don’t allow anyone in other than their own. Tommy Lonegan, a Southie Ghoul, announces the fights, while Cait, the headliner, cuts throats in the ring."
    (Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide Map)