Colorful undergarments

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Colorful undergarments
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Effects+2 Luck
Editor IDDLC04_Armor_Pack_Underarmor_01 (pink)
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DLC04_Armor_Pack_Underarmor_01b (yellow)
DLC04_Armor_Pack_Underarmor_01c (light blue)
DLC04_Armor_Pack_Underarmor_01d (green)
DLC04_Armor_Pack_Underarmor_01e (brown)
DLC04_Armor_Pack_Underarmor_01f (dark blue)
DLC04_Armor_Pack_Underarmor_01g (dark green)
Base IDxx027422 (pink)
xx04e27f (light green)
xx04e280 (yellow)
xx04e281 (light blue)
xx04e282 (green)
xx04e283 (brown)
xx04e284 (dark blue)
xx04e285 (dark green)

The colorful undergarments are a collection of underarmors in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.


The Pack wears these colorful clothes to look unique and further express their own personal identify. Mixed and matched pieces of armor can be worn over the undergarments for added protection.


Most of these outfits are composed of a thin cloth material with brown pants and a brown scarf, but a shirt that's one of many colors. The brown variant, however, is reversed with pink pants and scarf and a brown shirt. The undergarments come in nine different colors: pink, green, light green, dark green, light blue, dark blue, yellow, and brown.

All of the Pack's undergarments have identical statistics: they provide 1 damage resistance and a +2 bonus to luck, and weigh a single pound.


  • Members of the Pack wear these undergarments, but if one does not wish to kill raiders to get them, they can be bought from a gear vendor at a Commonwealth settlement that the Pack controls.