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College Square
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Map MarkerCollege Square
FactionsRicca's raiders (formerly)
Cell NameCollegeSquareExt
CollegeSquare01 (station)
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College Square is a landmark in the ruins of Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2287.


Once the center of Cambridge University[1] and a part of Cambridge, this central square is currently a ruin of a different sort; originally a stronghold held by raiders, it was recently overrun by a massive infestation of ferals.[2][3][4] Prior to its fall, this encampment was not only the center for the usual raider antics, but also an extortion racket, charging travelers a fee to ensure safe passage from the raiders.[5] Since its fall, the area earned a reputation for transients being torn apart by the ferals. Needless to say, travelers, transients, and scavengers have avoided the place, leaving the place ripe for looting.[4]


The square is built around College Square station and adjacent to the Cambridge Police Station. Several restaurants, shops and offices line the square, offering minor loot. The newspaper shack by the entrance contains a novice locked safe; the building behind the newspaper shack (facing the subway entrance) contains another safe, which is advanced locked.

Notable loot

  • Toll schedule: On the corpse of Ricca in the sniper perch on top of a building overlooking the square.


College Square appears only in Fallout 4.


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