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Collapsed overpass tunnel
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Map MarkerCollapsed Overpass Tunnel
QuestsThe Job
Cell NameNVDLC04RoadTunnel (interior)
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The collapsed overpass tunnel is a location in the Divide in 2281.


The collapsed overpass tunnel in the area that connects Hopeville to the High Road. The entrance to the tunnel is impeded by a nuclear warhead; in order to pass, it must be detonated. Across the caved-in road, a skeleton with a duffel bag and a gratified, white "KEEP OUT" discourage entering, but Ulysses' white U.S. Commonwealth flag encourages heading through.

The entire cave is a twisted cave of cars, rebar and cement. Around the first bend are two skeletons thrown over a military shipping crate; the area is irradiated. To the east, the path continues to a dead NCR trooper with several flash bangs on his person as well as information on the grenades. Nearby is a trooper and NCR Ranger with Bravo Team mission orders.

The cave continues on a linear path until you get to a flipped truck trailer. To the right, the path twists. There is a fork in the path here: to the left (north) of the collapsed road (sitting on its side) is a small stash of military shipping crates, and to the right (east) is a group of tunnelers near a ruined truck woth a couple crates in the bed. Passing some irradiated barrel while going up a hill takes you to the High Road.

Notable loot

  • Bravo Team mission orders holodisk on the body of an NCR trooper at the opening of the con-ex box the deathclaw was killed in.
  • Duck and Cover! found just before you enter High Road in a small camp to the south. It will be under the teddy bear in the open box. A generator and light is close to the location, the light is visible from the entrance to the High Road.
  • A RALPHIE poster for the Feel Like A Kid Again challenge is in the turned over trailer on the left of the first corner after entering the tunnel.

Related quests

Behind the scenes

  • David Lieu handled the propping in the entrance to the tunnel.[1]


The collapsed overpass tunnel appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.