Collapsed car tunnel

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Collapsed car tunnel
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Connects toDupont Circle station
World Map ExitsDupont Circle station
Dupont Circle
Cell NamezDCWorld03
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The collapsed car tunnel is a part of Connecticut Avenue that runs almost entirely underground, through Dupont Circle in the ruins of Washington, D.C.


This tunnel is what remains of the Connecticut Avenue tunnel that runs underneath Dupont Circle. By the time that the Lone Wanderer can run into this tunnel, it is seen to be cut off from the outside world by rubble on both ends, with the interior of the tunnel now acting as a haven for feral ghouls.


This tunnel is relatively straightforward, and is populated by both feral ghouls and the odd raider group. Piles of rubble and junk obscure lines of sight, and the area is only accessible through utility tunnels located at terminal ends of the tunnel, both of which lead to the Dupont Circle district, with an additional exit at the northern end leading directly into Dupont Circle station.


The Connecticut Avenue collapsed car tunnel appears only in Fallout 3.