Cola-Cars arena

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Cola-Cars arena
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Map MarkerCola-Cars Arena
LeadersOverboss Colter
QuestsTaken for a Ride
Amoral Combat
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TerminalsCola-Cars Arena terminals

The Cola-Cars arena is a location in Nuka-World.


This bumper cars arena was converted into a combat arena ran by the Overboss. Colter rigged the game, of course: his power armor, connected directly to the power grid of the building, makes him all but indestructible. That said, his attitude towards other raiders didn't earn him many loyal supporters - and certainly not the loyalty of Porter Gage.


The car arena is small and confined. Before facing Colter, the player goes through a locker room filled with various items, including a fusion core, a mini nuke, and a minigun. Notably, the Thirst Zapper is there and is necessary for defeating Colter.

Notable loot

  • The Overboss power armor is worn by Colter.
  • The Thirst Zapper is in the lockers, opposite the minigun.
  • A mini nuke is in the locker above the zapper.
  • A fusion core is in the locker, near the minigun. Another fusion core is found in the generator, accessed through the hole in the locker room bathroom.


The Cola-Cars Arena appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.