Coastal hideout

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Coastal hideout
The bridge above the hideout's entrance (top)
A view of the compound's interior (bottom)
Map MarkerNone (nearest: Mahkra Fishpacking; local: Hideout)
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The coastal hideout was a shelter for survivors of the Great War. It lays untouched in 2287.


The exterior of the hideout is a small door underneath the bridge to Mahkra Fishpacking. Across the waterway is the skeleton of an serviceman, behind him is a laser rifle and an ammo box.

This hideout is extremely irradiated; the corpses of feral ghouls litter the floors, and a few still alive wander the rooms. The first room is a storage/generator room to the south is a second room. Past the double doors (one of which was ripped off its frame) is the sleeping quarters, sleeping bags are laid out on the southern wall, the northern side of the room is a table. The eastern wall, just past the table has collapsed, sand and a radioactive barrel have come through. The table has four skeletons, the one on the sleeping bag makes five. These people all committed suicide by drinking poisoned vodka. The vodka bottle, rat poison, and drinking glasses still lay where they dropped.

Directly to the south, just after the aforementioned double doors, is a cage door (locked Novice) to the restroom.

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The coastal hideout appears only in Fallout 4.