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Coastal grotto
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World map: Point Lookout
Map MarkerCoastal Grotto
QuestsPlik's Safari
Cell NameDLC04CoastalGrotto01
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The coastal grotto is a small cave in Point Lookout.


It is where Plik lives and holds a "safari" of sorts with feral ghouls as the hunt. There are also two men, Jacob Humboldt and Rip Smithy, in the safari chamber, who will most likely die by the end of the safari. It only has one interior section.



There is a buoy outside, just east of where the door to get inside is. The door itself is up the cliff side and you'll need to climb your way up. Also, there are some swamplurks nearby, so take them out first before you go inside.

Two buoys can be seen in front of the entrance. Beneath the northern buoy is a shipwreck with a first aid box and a very easy locked safe scattered around it. Below the southern buoy is the skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or similar dinosaur, along with a human skeleton with a lever-action rifle. Nearby are two ammunition boxes and an average locked safe.


Inside there is a long tunnel that leads you to Plik. Before reaching him, you'll find his room with a bed, a desk, and his journal. If you start the quest, you'll be able to enter the safari chamber. The safari chamber is a large room where ghouls come out from all sides when you hit the button in the middle of the room.


Notable loot

Related quests


Coastal Grotto appears in the Fallout 3add-onPoint Lookout.


  • If you set your mark on the location on your map, it will point to a small bush in Pilgrim's Landing.
  • Sometimes, while reloading a save in front of Plik, he will be invisible.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes, the texture models may glitch within the Coastal Grotto.
  • If you put on the ghoul mask and start the safari, the ferals will not attack Rip or Jacob even if you become hostile towards the ferals.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png You can always pickpocket the caps from Plik. If it fails, just simply press "select all" to take all the caps. Even if you are caught, you still have the caps, but he will get up to take them back. Before he does this, enter the utility door and start the safari.