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For the raider outpost near Minuteman Metro station, also known as the flooded metro, see Flooded metro raider camp.
Cliffside cavern
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Map MarkerCliffside Cavern
Cell NameCliffsideCavernExterior (ext.)
CliffsideCavern01 (raider outpost)
CliffsideCavern02 (yao guai cave)
ref id00018464 (raider outpost)
00044953 (yao guai cave)
Cliffside Cavern map 1.jpg
Raider Outpost
Cliffside Cavern map 2.jpg
Yao guai cave

Cliffside Cavern (referred to as raider outpost in-game) is a large cavern, east of Tenpenny Tower and directly west of Andale, which is inhabited by raiders and yao guai.


Cliffside Cavern functions as a raider outpost in the southern portion of the Capital Wasteland. However, the raiders found out that they were not the only inhabitants of the cave and proceeded to lay mines in front of the entrance to the yao guai cave.



As the name indicates, the Cliffside Caverns are a cave system nestled into a cliff. It can be accessed through two fence gate entrances. One is west of Andale in the direction of Tenpenny Tower, at the bottom of a path down the hill. The other entrance is in a small but steep valley into the hillside north-northwest of The Overlook Drive-In, or northeast of the first entrance. It is secured by a lock (hard).

Raider outpost

The raider outpost section is a medium/large two story cave that contains 12 raiders as well as a yao guai near the entrance to the yao guai cave. On entering the raider outpost from the steep hillside (north-northwest of the Drive-In), there is a tripwire attached to a shotgun which sits on the sideways fridges. Numerous beds, suitable for sleeping, can be found in the raider outpost section. The paths leading to both the locked fence gate and yao guai cave have mines scattered about and there are traps to be spotted throughout the area, including grenade and tripwire traps. The area of the cavern in the second most northern room contains a tent and 2 beds (This is not the room with the entrance to the yao guai cave). Inside the caverns, exits to the Capital Wasteland are located at the southern and eastern most areas of the local map and the entrance to the cave is the northern most area.

Yao guai cave

Main article: Yao guai cave

The yao guai cave section is a small two story cave that is the second section in Cliffside Cavern. Six yao guai inhabit this section and can be found wandering around the cave. At the entrance from the raider outpost, there are a couple of mines set down the path leading to the big area of the cave. There is a single main path that covers the entire cave with the exception of the lower level where it branches off into two smaller areas.

Notable loot

  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - close to the southern exit, on a table, on a platform with two generators.
  • Grognak the Barbarian - on the upper middle level of the raider base, behind the generator.
  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual - on top of a small bookshelf in the northwestern chamber on the way to the tent. A raider with a missile launcher might spawn in the tent to the west and, should they fire the launcher, the book could be blown anywhere if it is near the explosion.
  • Mini nuke - in the tent in the northwestern chamber, on top of one of the safes.
  • Stealth Boy - in the Hard safe in the tent in the Northwestern chamber.
  • Pre-War book - on the round table next to the bed found in the tent mentioned above.
  • Schematics - Nuka grenade - in lower part of the yao guai cave at the west-northwestern most wall surrounded by several skeletons.



Cliffside Cavern appears only in Fallout 3.


  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png It appears that the steam gauge assembly can be picked up only if it hasn't been disturbed since entering the yao guai cave.