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The Civil Alert System broadcast is a localized radio alert broadcast that can be tuned into throughout a portion of the Commonwealth, in Fallout 4.


This signal is first discovered when the Sole Survivor activates the relay dishes at relay tower 0BB-915. The source of the signal can then be tracked to a ham radio inside a military bunker at the base of the southwestern satellite at the Fort Hagen satellite array.

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This is a message from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Emergency Alert System. This morning, Saturday October 23rd, authorities detected that a nuclear attack had commenced against the United States. The following cities affected include, but are not limited to: Washington, DC; New York; Philadelphia; and Boston. If you are receiving this emergency alert message, immediately seek shelter that can provide protection from radioactive fallout. This has been an emergency action notification.

This has been a pre-recorded message. Message repeats in three seconds.


The Civil Alert System broadcast appears only in Fallout 4.