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Chryslus Motors
Fo1 Chryslus.png
Corporate Logo
Company data
Cherry Bomb
Fusion Flea
Chryslus Pick-R-Up
Nuka-Cola delivery truck
CountryUnited States of America
HeadquartersChryslus building, Washington, D.C.
LocationsCorvega factory
Corvega assembly plant
Chryslus Dealership

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Fallout intro

Chryslus Motors[1] was a pre-War automobile manufacturer.


Before the War, Chryslus was one of the few companies that harnessed the fledgling fusion power to create commercially viable personal transportation vehicles. Relying on rechargeable batteries or on-board fission reactors, their primary product lines were the Corvega and Highwayman, offering similar performance. The first cars entered the market in 2070. Reassuringly big and American, they sold out within days despite the hefty price tag. Production was limited due to the ongoing conversion of civilian factories for military purposes.[2] In terms of price, a Corvega sold for $199,999.99 per unit in 2077.[3]

Chryslus's core technology, the V8 diesel-fusion engine, was used widely in its vehicles, from Corvegas to the heavy duty Pick-R-Up and Nuka-Cola delivery trucks.

Corporate operations

The corporate headquarters of the company, the Chryslus building, was located in Washington, D.C. along with a primary Corvega factory in the vicinity of the federal district. Chryslus invested heavily into building a corporate culture that promoted loyalty, including celebrations of employment milestones:

  • At two years, employees received a commemorative hard enamel pin, postcard, and a replica Fusion Flea Supreme.[4]
  • At five, they received a commemorative replica of the Chryslus Pick-R-Up.[5]

Behind the scenes

The company name is derived from Chrysler and General Motors, both American automobile manufacturers headquartered in Michigan.


  • An advertisement for a Chryslus model appears in the Fallout intro movie. The car advertised is priced at "only $199,999.99", this is the first indicator that the currency of the pre-War United States was vastly inflated.
  • The Chryslus building and Corvega factory both appear in Fallout 3. The Corvega assembly plant appears in Fallout 4.
  • There are two types of derelict Corvega automobiles in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, the Atomic V8 (2 seats) and the unnamed 4 seat variant.
    • There are two more Corvega automobiles the first Corvega from the Fallout intro, and the other Corvega from the Fallout 3 billboard.
  • There are 4 Corvega automobiles in Fallout 4, with an addition of 2 by Fallout 76, bringing the number up to 6.
  • A wrecked Highwayman appears in Fallout: New Vegas near Novac with a few energy cells in the trunk.
  • A Chryslus car is named in Randall Clark's journal.[6]
  • Chryslus cars were described by a Sierra Madre Police officer as "gas-hogs".[7]


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