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Chryslus Fusion Flea Supreme
Fo4 FusionFlea01 2.png
ManufacturerChryslus Motors

The Chryslus Fusion Flea Supreme[1] is a small vehicle made before the Great War.


Commonly called the Flea, this three-wheeled microcar can carry a single passenger, who enters the car by lifting the hinged roof. As a compact commuter vehicle, it's fairly widespread throughout urbanized areas such as the Capital Wasteland, but rare in predominantly rural areas, such as the Mojave Wasteland, although less rare in areas like Appalachia. Like other vehicles with aged atomic fuel cells, it will explode if they are agitated, eg. through explosions or gunfire (with force roughly proportional to a mini nuke).


Concept Art by Adam Adamowicz

Behind the scenes

Once the streets rang to the burble-whine of this plucky little car driving a generation to work and taking them on adventures for one at the weekend. Brightly coloured and jewel-like on your drive or on display, the Wand Company’s all-new Fallout Fusion Flea is a beautifully put together and highly detailed collectible prop replica of Chryslus’s neatest little three-wheel ultra-sub-compact city transport. This version has been carefully fabricated from a mix of thickly painted die-cast metal, engineering plastics and thermoplastic rubber to give a truly realistic looking product.

Designed to replicate the gift Chryslus gives its employees as a small thank-you once they had been working at the company for two years, the Fusion Flea comes complete with a commemorative hard enamel pin and specially designed, vintage postcard.

Lift the engine hood and see the nuclear glow still shining from the engine bay all these years later.

— Fusion Flea Replica Bethesda Store Description

Friday, September 30th, 2050

Munroe's Flea 'flies' to victory in record time!

By Richard Barons

Boston Bugle Staff Writer

Munroe's podium hat-trick

After what was perhaps the best-judged drive in his 14 years of motor racing, Munroe won last Sunday's Ivanpah Grand Prix in his now-legendary Chryslus Fusion Flea. Never once did he appear to hurry, and whenever the opposition was in a position to overtake him, he let them through, showing that none of the tendencies that have given rise to his "Meltdown" nickname. Altogether however, he held the lead for 70 of 100 laps, and in the end he was never seriously challenged for the title, which he is now becoming accustomed to winning.

The famous Ivanpah track race, the penultimate in the Grand Prix calendar, favors the brave driver and when Munroe's courage was coupled with the lightweight, high-power combination the the Chryslus has to offer, the Flea easily swept the field - a field, it must be remembered, filled with exceptional cars, piloted by the best racing drivers of the country. The win all but gives the chequered flag to Munroe's bit to win a third consecutive drivers' championship medal.

Starting from pole position after a scintillating qualifying session that had already seen the diminutive No. 5 fly around the circuit in a blur of white and yellow, setting new lap records on almost every lap, the Flea took an early lead. Crushing the pack down Pip Straight, Munroe showed a steely determination from the first second of the race. His right foot never far from being buried in the carpet, and often cornering on two wheels, he whipped around the course, taking perfect racing lines through each corner and providing the rest of the pack with a master class in racing excellence.

What some are now calling the unbeatable Flying flea, the nimble three-wheeler (although obviously expertly piloted and showing itself to be more than tough and quick enough for the task of winning) is amazingly and quite simply a showroom car - yes, altogether a standard Fusion Flea, stock in just about every respect. It's incredible to think that this is the same vehicle that you might casually stroll into a dealership and purchase the perfect sub-compact in which to nip down to the coast for a weekend jaunt, or take to the countryside for a Sunday afternoon picnic adventure. Only that famous 5 and its distinctive colour scheme singles it out as something special; that and of course the extraordinary driving skill of Champion Munroe.

— Racing Flea Collectible Boston Bugle Newspaper article


The Fusion Flea Supreme appears in Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76. Only two are seen in Fallout: New Vegas: one in front of Vault 11 and the other at the Ivanpah race track.


  1. No Mutants Allowed Fallout 3 preview The PC continues down the road and passes a car that is called the single-seater "Fusion Flea Supreme," which Pete Hines passes after noting its existence.
  2. The Art of Fallout 4 p.262: "FUSION FLEA
    A favorite from Fallout 3 returns, inspired by the classic Messerschmitt three-wheeler from 1955."