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This page is about the location in Fallout 3. For the company, see Chryslus Motors.
Chryslus Building
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Map MarkerChryslus Building
Cell NameChryslusBuildingExterior (exterior)
ChryslusBuilding01 (reception area)
ChryslusBuilding02 (lower offices)
ChryslusBuilding03 (basement)
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00017f55 (reception area)
00017f54 (lower offices)
00017f53 (basement)

The Chryslus Building is a ruined office building located on the northern edge of Downtown D.C..


This complex of office buildings, complete with a large parking lot and two office towers (the eastern of which has not weathered the years well), was the seat of power for Chryslus Motors, the foremost U.S. car manufacturer before the Great War. Specializing in the manufacture of nuclear and electric vehicles, it was an industrial giant with factories spread across the East Coast, including one in Washington and a vast complex in assembly plant in Lexington, MA.

The decades after the nuclear holocaust have not been kind to the building, as the eastern tower is a hollowed-out ruin, while super mutants and centaurs have taken up residence in the hallways, further ruining what little remains of Chryslus' corporate grandeur.


The Building is located on an elevated, artificial plateau, with a large parking lot for employees at the western end and the derelict second tower at the east. The main building stands in the center, with one of the company's own Corvegas placed outside the main doors, overlooking the highway below.

Two raiders will spawn on the baseball field on approach. The pitcher will appear on the pitcher's mound with frag grenades, while the batter will appear - where else? - on the home plate wielding a baseball bat. Unfortunately, they attack as soon as they detect the player, never engaging in explosively fun baseball.

Reception area

The upper office level, accessible through the main doors. Offices span two floors, surrounding the main hall and a once blue Corvega model placed on the central pedestal. Much of the building is collapsed, exposing the upper hall and rendering parts of the building inaccessible. The offices include regular work areas, archives, cubicles, namely everything a corporation would have needed to function. The exit to the lower offices is in the north-western corner, through the former cafeteria that contains a copy of Guns and Bullets.

For gnome aficionados, there are two stalls in the restrooms featuring garden gnomes holding up signs that say "We're dying, assholes!" and "Help us" , reused from Vault 101's entrance tunnel.

Lower offices

Further divided into two floors, this is where typists and other lower rank employees worked tirelessly for the betterment of the corporation. The upper floor contained a large central room for typists, surrounded by an office space filled with cubicles. The lower floor had a central corridor that doubled as a break area, with adjacent offices. Time and super mutants have demolished much of the area, tearing down floors and walls. Now it's a slaughterhouse, livestock pen, and food storage all in one, devoted to processing captured humans, brahmin, dogs, and other wildlife into edible provisions.

The exit to the basement is located on the lower floor, on the northern end.


The lowest level of the office building, containing small, cramped cubicles for the least among Chryslus corporate drones. They worked alongside several storage room, including the secure archive, the boiler room, and a kitchen for employees, connected straight to the entrance hall in the reception area. Post-War, the area is mostly unlit and desolate, filled with trash, minor loot, and especially centaurs. The stairway to the reception area is located in the northeast, past the kitchen and the secure storage.

Notable loot

Reception area

  • Guns and Bullets: In the cafeteria in the northwestern corner of the map, behind a locked door (Average difficulty; can also be opened using the adjacent Average difficulty terminal).
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum: Under the desk in an office in the south-eastern corner of the map.


Behind the scenes

  • The name of the building is an obvious reference to the Chrysler Building, much like the company's name.


The Chryslus building only appears in Fallout 3.