Christine's COS recon armor

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Christine's COS recon armor
Christine recon armor.png
Icon recon armor.png
12 (JS)19
Item HP500
Effects+5 Sneak
Recon armor
Medium armor
base idxx01199d
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Gametitle-FNV OWB.png

Christine's COS recon armor is a piece of armor in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


An enhanced set of recon armor used by the Circle of Steel (COS), that was worn by Christine Royce when she was hunting Elijah. When Christine was transported from Little Yangtze by the medical bots, it was stripped from her in order for her to recover. She left her armor there after finding the stealth suit Mk. I.


Christine's COS recon armor is unique recon body armor, with no accompanying helmet. It provides 2 more DT and is 25% more durable than the standard recon armor. Otherwise, its remaining statistics are identical.


It is found on the floor of the Y-17 medical facility in the middle of the room with the Auto-Doc around the dark colored rubble. It is hard to see as it blends in with the debris field.