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For the Fallout 3 location, see The Chop Shop.
Chop shop
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Map MarkerChop Shop
Part ofNew Reno
QuestsRecover your stolen car.

The chop shop is a location near New Reno. T-Ray and his band of mechanics work in the chop shop for Mr. Bishop, where they remove fuel cells and old batteries from derelict cars and sell them for profit.

Related quests

  • Recover your stolen car. - T-Ray and his band of mechanics are responsible for the theft of the Highwayman during this quest, and have taken the car to the chop shop to be upgraded and sold to Mr. Bishop. The player must locate the chop shop in order to retrieve the Highwayman.


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  • Although the chop shop only shows up on the New Reno town map after the player has been there, the location can be reached (somewhat illicitly) by pressing "5" on the town map screen.


This chop shop appears only in Fallout 2.