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For an overview of China's stealth armor in the Fallout series of games, see Chinese stealth armor.
Chinese stealth armor
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Chinese stealth armor
DT12Item HP100
EffectsSneak +5
Recon armor
Light Armor
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DT3Item HP40
Recon armor helmet
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The Chinese stealth armor is a set of armor in Fallout: New Vegas.


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This dark blue, form-fitting body suit with an opaque face plate is a suit of armor designed for one thing: Making the operator nigh-invisible. Harnessing Chinese expertise in stealth technology, the suit contains a man-portable device that generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to another. The end result is near-perfect active camouflage. The body suit is designed to maximize the effect by simplifying the wearer's silhouette and creating flat surfaces where possible to reduce the complexity of the area being camouflaged.[1][2] Deployed under the designation Hei Gui, the suit allowed China to counter American brute force with subterfuge and deception, although some units were captured and reverse engineered by the Americans.[3]

The suit was just barely out of prototype stage around the time of the Sino-American War and, as such, the refinement of the technology varied. Some Chinese infiltrators on American soil, such as those captured during the Hoover Sabotage, used early generation suits, while the Crimson Dragoon troopers deployed in Alaska used cutting edge iterations granting long lasting invisibility.[4]


The Chinese stealth armor is a light armor that grants the wearer a sneak bonus of +5. It is repaired with recon armor, or with other Chinese stealth armor. Unlike the Chinese stealth armor from Fallout 3, there is no invisibility field. This is likely because the suit has been improperly stored and its stealth capabilities have been damaged by time. The lower durability and lower DT also makes the recon armor more appealing. However, recon armor is considered 'Medium' armor and therefore reduces walking speed and ability to sneak well, while the 'Light' Chinese armor will not.


Two suits of Chinese stealth armor can be found on the office level of Hoover Dam. They are located in a storage room with some radioactive barrels, in a wooden crate to the left as the player enters the room. There are several wooden crates here, and all but the one containing the suits of armor is empty. Their existence is hinted at on the only accessible terminal on the same level, in an engineer's log entry noting that a suit made of "unknown material" was found after the NCR took the dam.

Gametitle-VB.pngThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Presumably, these are the suits worn by the Chinese Infiltrators who were sealed inside Sub-level 1C during the Hoover Sabotage. Being an older model than those deployed in Anchorage and mainland China, this variant doesn't include the advanced stealth systems of the later models.

Gametitle-VB.pngEnd of information based on Van Buren.


  • This armor is physically identical to the Stealth armor from the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage besides the lack of the stealth field when sneaking.
  • Because both copies of the Chinese stealth armor are considered owned by the NCR, being caught pickpocketing while wearing one copy may cause the armor to be confiscated. This can occur regardless of whether or not the non-player character in question is aligned with the NCR.
    • With a small amount of spare caps, this effect can be negated by "fencing" the item: sell it to a vendor, then purchase it from the same vendor. The item will now be considered to be owned by the Courier.
  • Since the Chinese stealth armor "helmet" is actually a part of the armor, and NOT headgear, any headgear or glasses can be worn with the armor.
  • This armor can be seen in the trailer for Old World Blues. Additionally a disassembled suit can be found within the add-on; presumably having been reverse engineered to create the American Stealth suit Mk II.


  • PCIcon pc.png PlayStation 3Icon ps3.png Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png When the Chinese stealth armor is equipped, your "Effects" panel on the Pip-Boy 3000 displays the armor name as "Initiate Armor". This happens because it uses exactly the same script with the recon armor.
  • The armor may disappear if it is dropped.
  • Wearing the armor at the Brotherhood of Steel bunker may make all inhabitants hostile to you, due to both copies of the suit being owned by the NCR.
    • "Fencing" the item (as described in the notes section) will stop this from happening. Arranging an NCR/Brotherhood truce during For the Republic, Part 2 will also solve the issue.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Sometimes when first equipping, the player will appear completely invisible in third person mode, even if changing armor or rooms. To fix this, set up a Hotkey for any weapon and select it until you are unarmed. (No ammunition or condition popping up.)
  • If you drop the armor and drag it, the armor will do constant 'loops' until either drop it or it gets stopped by an object. Note that the armor can only be dragged if dragged by the golden face panel part.
  • Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Whenever you enter the interrogation room for Lt. Carrie Boyd she takes away your weapons and the armor. When you leave you get your weapons back, but she keeps/wears the armor.
    • "Fencing" the armor will also solve the above issue.



  1. Fallout item description: "{5400}{}{Stealth Boy}"
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    Note: This is a reverse-engineered Chinese technology and provides information on the underlying mechanics.
  2. Museum of Technology placard: "This is the RobCo "Stealth Boy" Model 3001 Personal Stealth Device. Developed by Robert Mayflower, the Stealth Boy generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to the other making the bearer almost invisible to the untrained eye."
    Note: This is a reverse-engineered Chinese technology and provides information on the underlying mechanics.
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    "Large scale? What do you mean? What are their capabilities?"
    > American projects involving this technology (refer to "Stealth Boy") have merely reverse engineered captured Hei Gui suits. The underlying science of this technology is unknown. So the theoretical limits are also unknown. However the so-called "Ghost Fleet" that station A-31 and B-19 reported in November may indicate that testing has already commenced with submersible vessels.
    "Dear God. You think they have stealth subs?"
    > A second order approximation is inconclusive. Explanation. The logic chain of these assumptions have too much variability. Further data is required.
    "So you can't even give me a guess?"
    > Machine/human interface aborted.
    "Sorry, sir. We're working on some of her glitches. P.A.M... well, she gets real stubborn when she's doing too much guesswork."
    "Stubborn? She's a machine."
    "Sir. With each new version, well, she's getting quirky."
    "There's no way I'm taking this stealth sub nonsense to the Joint Chiefs unless I have proof. It's goddamned ludicrous to think the Chinese have been working on something this big and we've heard nothing."
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