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Chinese stealth armor, also known as Hēi Guǐ (黑鬼) stealth armor (lit. Black Ghost stealth armor), was one of China's greatest military assets deployed during the Sino-American War.


This dark blue, form-fitting body suit with an opaque face plate is a suit of armor designed for one thing: Making the operator nigh-invisible. Harnessing Chinese expertise in stealth technology, the suit contains a man-portable device that generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to another. The end result is near-perfect active camouflage. The body suit is designed to maximize the effect by simplifying the wearer's silhouette and creating flat surfaces where possible to reduce the complexity of the area being camouflaged.[1][2] Deployed under the designation Hei Gui, the suit allowed China to counter American brute force with subterfuge and deception, although some units were captured and reverse engineered by the Americans.[3]

The suit was just barely out of prototype stage around the time of the Sino-American War and, as such, the refinement of the technology varied. Some Chinese infiltrators on American soil, such as those captured during the Hoover Sabotage, used early generation suits, while the Crimson Dragoon troopers deployed in Alaska used cutting edge iterations granting long lasting invisibility.[4]

The underlying principle of bending light was reverse engineered by the United States from captured Chinese suits in two ways. Robert Mayflower reverse-engineered captured Chinese stealth armor to create the portable, but unstable Stealth Boy 3001 units.[5] Big MT researchers focused more on the suit itself and its stealth-enhancing properties, taking the Chinese suits apart and then designing a new stealth suit from scratch. This resulted in the creation of two prototypes before the war: the assassin suit and the stealth suit mk II, which surpassed the original in nearly every aspect.[6]


Anchorage campaign armor

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Gameplay article:

The pinnacle of Chinese development before the war, issued to elite Crimson Dragoons on the Anchorage Front Line. Several suits of this type were captured and formed the basis of the aforementioned research efforts.

A single suit is found in the Virtual Strategic Simulations bunker after the completion of the Operation: Anchorage add-on.

Hoover Sabotage armor

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During the Hoover Sabotage, Americans caught their first glimpses of China's elite soldiers wearing the early model stealth armor. Two Chinese stealth armors remain at Hoover Dam by 2281. They were erroneously placed in a radioactive waste storeroom during NCR cleanup operations. These two suits are out of juice and do not create a stealth field around the wearer. However, they still have the same high quality construction, making sneaking easier.

Behind the scenes

  • In Chinese, Hēi guǐ (黑鬼) literally translates to "black ghost".



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    "Dear God. You think they have stealth subs?"
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