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Chinese bomber
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LocationAnchorage Reclamation simulation
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Chinese bombers were the People's Liberation Army primary method of delivering high explosive ordnance to designated targets.


A flying wing design powered by four jet engines, the bomber is unique in that it also employs a twin fuselage design. Both have frontal cockpits for the crew and four engine bays for enhanced payload capacity and speed of delivery. A small rear bubble allows for observing targets in the rear and engaging them. The Chinese bombers saw extensive action in the Anchorage Reclamation, employed as tactical bombers guided from a local listening post, although it is likely they were also capable of strategic weapon delivery.


The bombers are an effect, rather than a creature. They are scripted to bomb areas in Operation: Anchorage (technically, they simply follow a preset path, while the game spawns explosions below). They can also be seen circling the U.S. Army base, but never engage the troops outright.



Chinese bomber appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.