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Chinese artillery outpost
Chinese Artillery Outpost.jpg
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Map MarkerArtillery Overlook Entrance
Part ofAnchorage Reclamation simulation
QuestsThe Guns of Anchorage
Cell NameDLC02ArtilleryBase
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The Chinese artillery overlook is a Chinese stronghold in the Anchorage Reclamation simulation in 2277.


The base is situated on the Chugiak Mountains overlooking Anchorage. Through large double doors, it opens up to a warehouse area occupied by Chinese soldiers. There is a staircase in front and a loading dock to the right. If going up the stairs, there is a Chinese assault rifle set on a table. Heading east into the hallway and turning the corner, there will be a Very Easy Locked door to your left (west, as you turn the corner). Inside is an intel suitcase, along with the holotape "Invasion" and a Stealth Boy on the large crate. Continuing on, there is an ammo dispenser, a health dispenser and additional supplies like mines and grenades. These supplies can also be accessed by going through the loading dock are and going up the stairs; you're only missing out on the Chinese assault rifle. The hall continues into an "room" where Chimera tanks and Chinese infantry can be observed advancing far below. After meeting Chinese resistance, there is a door on the left with a terminal and a staircase leading right. The Very Easy locked door contains an intel suitcase on the desk.

Heading up the stairs leads to a hallways which is used for an ambush by the Chinese. Luckily, there is a health dispenser on some crates at the beginning of the hall. This hallway leads to another room with Chinese soldiers. The room translates into a winding hallway. There is a Very Easy locked door in this hallway that contains the holotape "Overrun". The hallways opens into a room with some additional supplies as well as a health and ammo dispenser. Through the door is another warehouse chock full of artillery shells and ordnance. This is also the site for Crimson Dragoons to take you by surprise. The room also has staircases and catwalks that lead up to the same door. The hallway here leads to the door to the artillery overlook.

Notable loot

  • An intel suitcase just beyond the Chinese assault rifle if you climb the stairs in the first room and another intel suitcase locked behind a door after the Chimera tank and infantry "overlook".
  • A Chinese assault rifle on a table after going up the stairs in the first room.
  • A Stealth Boy on the crates where you find the first piece of intel.

Behind the scenes

  • An early version of the location, with an additional access corridor leading from the Crimson Dragoon stealth encounter directly to the base of the artillery guns, is present in the game files, under cell name DLC02TEMPArtilleryBase. It has no unique assets and was likely made as an area to test gameplay, before remaking it with new DLC assets.


The Chinese artillery outpost appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.