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This page is about the location. For the religious faction, see The Church of the Children of Atom.
Children of Atom
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Children of Atom exterior, entrance level, ceremony hall, sleeping quarters
Map MarkerNone (nearest: Megaton, local: )
Part ofMegaton
QuestsChurch Donations
Cell NameMegatonChildrenofAtom
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TerminalsConfessor Cromwell's Terminal

Children of Atom is a building in Megaton, the cult members of the church refer to themselves as "Children of Atom".


The Children of the Atom seems to have existed as far back as Megaton's construction, as Manya mentions that they were instrumental in getting the town built. The citizens of Megaton do not mind the cult residing there as their technologies and workforce were needed to build the city, in exchange for it being "built around the bomb."



The church building is located at the bottom of the crater, next to the live atomic bomb around which the town of Megaton was built. The building is two stories tall with ramps and walkways all around it and a large, ramshackle sculpture of an atom adorning the roof. These believers pray for a special kind of salvation. Find out more when you speak with Confessor Cromwell (he's usually standing by the bomb) or Mother Maya (who's usually inside the church). You can generously give a donation (an unmarked quest) and ask more about this religion and about the residents. Cromwell has a key on him, but this is only useful for entering the church at night.


The interior is divided into three levels. The lowest one houses the benches and the podium for ceremonies and lectures, the level above houses the Confessor's office and general area, while the top level is reserved for the sleeping quarters.


  • One sign directly below the church reads 'Local Cult', which means that either they acknowledge themselves as a cult, despite the Confessors arguments, or that they are unaware of the sign.


The Children of Atom appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

The Children of the Atom may be a reference to the film Beneath The Planet Of The Apes which included a cult that revolved around the worship of an atomic bomb. Within the Fallout series, said cult previously served as inspiration for the town of Gravestone in Fallout Tactics.