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The Vault - Fallout Wiki
Chemistry station
RequirementsLocal Leader (rank 2)
Cost8x Wood
6x Steel
6x Glass
3x Rubber
4x Screw
3x Wood
6x Steel
4x Copper
3x Rubber
3x Screw
4x Glass
Used forCrafting chems, explosives, and healing items.
Base ID00000000

Use a Chemistry Station to create useful chems and medicines.

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The chemistry station is a crafting station and a settlement item in Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. The station comes in two forms, both of which can be crafted in player settlements.


Used for making chems, explosives, and healing items.


Acid Soaker ammunition

With the Nuka-World add-on, one can make ammunition for the Acid Soaker.

Name Items needed
Acid concentrate


Name Items needed Requirements
Berry Mentats
+5 Intelligence and highlights living targets for 8 minutes.
Slow Time, +3 Strength, +3 Endurance, +65 max Health and +35 max AP for 15 seconds.
+3 Strength, + 3 Endurance, +65 max Health and +3 Perception for 8 minutes.
Grape Mentats
+5 Charisma, barter 10% better for 8 minutes.
Slows Time for 10 seconds.
+2 Intelligence and +2 Perception for 5 minutes.
Orange Mentats
+5 Perception and +10% VATS Accuracy for 8 minutes.
+25% Damage and 25 Damage Resist for 5 minutes.
Psycho Jet
Slow Time, +25% Damage, +35% Damage Resist and +40 Max AP for 15 seconds.
+25% Damage, +3 Strength, +3 Endurance and +65 Max Health for 8 minutes.
Smooth Operator Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.png
+3 Charisma, 10% better bartering
+50% Melee Damage, +25% Damage Resist and -5 Perception for 8 minutes.
Jet Fuel
+35 Max AP and increased AP regen for 8 minutes.
+25% Damage and +25% Critical Chance for 8 minutes.
Ultra Jet
Slow Time and +100 max AP for 15 seconds.


With the Contraptions Workshop add-on, fireworks can be crafted and shot out of specific launchers.

Name Items needed
Emergency flare shell
Firework shell - crackle
Firework shell - palm gold
Firework shell - palm silver
Firework shell - peony blue
Firework shell - peony green
Firework shell - peony pink
Firework shell - peony red
Firework shell - peony yellow
Weather change shell - clear
Weather change shell - radstorm
Weather change shell - rain


Name Items needed Requirements
Molotov cocktail
Fury grenade Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.png
Persuasion grenade Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.png
Predator grenade Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.png
Baseball grenade
Cryo grenade
Fragmentation grenade
Pulse grenade
Nuka Quantum grenade Nuka-WorldGametitle-fo4nw.png
Plasma grenade


Name Items needed Requirements
Cures diseases.
Chemist Rank 1
Glowing Blood Pack
+75 Radiation resistance for 10 minutes. Heals up to 40% of max Health.
Herbal anodyne
Improves resistance to insomnia and weakness.
Herbal antimicrobial
Improves resistance to infection and parasites
Herbal stimulant
Improves resistance to fatigue and lethargy
Removes 300 Rads.
Refreshing Beverage
Removes all Rads and cures all addictions.
Robot repair kit AutomatronGametitle-fo4am.png
Heals up to 30% of max Health for robotic companions
Skeeto Spit
+25 max Health for 20 minutes.
Heals up to 30% of max Health.


Name Items needed Requirements
Bottlecap Mine
Cryo mine
Fragmentation mine
Pulse mine
Plasma mine


With the Nuka-World add-on, one can make ammunition for the Nuka-Nuke launcher.

Name Items needed


With the Far Harbor add-on, one can find an edition of Islander's Almanac that unlocks sludge recipes.

Name Items needed
Agile sludgepak
Action Point regeneration increases with your current radiation level for 12 minutes.
Durable sludgepak
Damage Resistance increases with you current radiation level for 12 minutes.
Resilient sludge cocktail
-150 radiation resistance and +75 maximum health for 12 minutes.
Strong sludge cocktail
Strength increases with your current radiation level for 12 minutes.

Syringer ammunition

Name Items needed
Berserk syringe
Chance to Frenzy target for 2 minutes.
Bleed Out syringe
Does 30 points of damage over 10 seconds to target
Bloatfly larva
Chance on death for target to spawn a bloatfly.
Endangerol syringe
Reduces target's Damage Resistance by 25% for 2 minutes.
Lock Joint syringe
Chance to Paralyze target for 10 seconds.
Mind Cloud syringe
Target believes the player has vanished and has a reduced chance to detect you for 30 seconds.
Pax syringe
Chance to make the target non-violent for 30 seconds.
Radscorpion venom syringe
Does 40 points of damage over 10 seconds to target.
Yellow Belly syringe
Chance on hit to cause target to flee for 30 seconds.

Thirst Zapper ammunition

With the Nuka-World add-on, one can make ammunition to make the Thirst Zapper more lethal.

Name Items needed
Weaponized Nuka-Cherry ammo
Weaponized Nuka-Cola ammo
Weaponized Nuka-Cola Quantum ammo


With the Far Harbor add-on, traps can be crafted.

Name Items needed Requirements needed
Minor damage when walked over, and a chance to stagger
Bear trap
High chance to cripple legs.
Blacksmith, Rank 1
Poisoned caltrops
Minor damage when walked over, chance to stagger. Causes poison damage.
Chemist, Rank 1
Bleeding bear trap
High chance to cripple legs. Causes bleeding damage.
Blacksmith, Rank 2


Name Items needed
Cutting Fluid (produces 3x Oil and 1x Steel)


Fallout 4

Fallout 76